Friday, February 13, 2015


Its beautiful how my fingers dance on top of these buttons
This click clacking inspires me to say more. 

Listen to me. 
Thats all I want to say. 

I wish I had a larger voice, 
A voice that people loved to listen to. 
A voice that moves mountains... 

But whats stopping me from having one. 

Who says I don't 
Who says I can't influence cultures.

Thats my goal, 
To enlighten the world with my words. 
I want to share, Inspire, be heard. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ready to Die (an Ode to Biggie, Pac, and Dr. Maya Angelou)

I was inspired by an array of emotions brought upon the holidays and the celebration of Love...
Undying love, to me means to do so without limitations. 
The way my mother feels, and the way I feel for my wife. 
Love the way nobody else is supposed to understand. 

Here Goes.

When I die none of this will matter. 

Not my bad hair days, 
Or my Instagram filters, 
Not which car I drive, 
Or how much money I have saved up, 
Not how many awards I receive 
Or who took my virginity

I will be dead and so will all the pettiness that keeps us occupied

Your color don't matter
Or the neighborhood you live in
Your GPA won't give you much soon after
Or your credit score 
Your six pack ain't important
Or your mile and half run time

All that matters is LOVE 

Not your body, 
But your mind 
Not you net worth, 
But your smile 
Not your reputation 
But your legacy 

Who are we when we die but pictures and memories, 
Flashbacks living in the imaginations and dreams of the people
We loved
And who love us back 

I will never forget that 
Nor will I fear death 
Because who knows whats waiting on the other side
Courage maybe? 

Remember when your trials get to tribulating 
And your inner fears become your tour guides
Let it go! 
And follow whichever way love takes you 
Follow Love. 
Wherever it may be. 
Love for you will never be what it is for me, 

And that is why God is.