Friday, February 13, 2015


Its beautiful how my fingers dance on top of these buttons
This click clacking inspires me to say more. 

Listen to me. 
Thats all I want to say. 

I wish I had a larger voice, 
A voice that people loved to listen to. 
A voice that moves mountains... 

But whats stopping me from having one. 

Who says I don't 
Who says I can't influence cultures.

Thats my goal, 
To enlighten the world with my words. 
I want to share, Inspire, be heard. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ready to Die (an Ode to Biggie, Pac, and Dr. Maya Angelou)

I was inspired by an array of emotions brought upon the holidays and the celebration of Love...
Undying love, to me means to do so without limitations. 
The way my mother feels, and the way I feel for my wife. 
Love the way nobody else is supposed to understand. 

Here Goes.

When I die none of this will matter. 

Not my bad hair days, 
Or my Instagram filters, 
Not which car I drive, 
Or how much money I have saved up, 
Not how many awards I receive 
Or who took my virginity

I will be dead and so will all the pettiness that keeps us occupied

Your color don't matter
Or the neighborhood you live in
Your GPA won't give you much soon after
Or your credit score 
Your six pack ain't important
Or your mile and half run time

All that matters is LOVE 

Not your body, 
But your mind 
Not you net worth, 
But your smile 
Not your reputation 
But your legacy 

Who are we when we die but pictures and memories, 
Flashbacks living in the imaginations and dreams of the people
We loved
And who love us back 

I will never forget that 
Nor will I fear death 
Because who knows whats waiting on the other side
Courage maybe? 

Remember when your trials get to tribulating 
And your inner fears become your tour guides
Let it go! 
And follow whichever way love takes you 
Follow Love. 
Wherever it may be. 
Love for you will never be what it is for me, 

And that is why God is. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Destiny's Step Child.

I haven't had this feeling in a while...
Curiosity is yet again getting the best of me. 
It feels so refreshing. 

A warm bubble bath after a long day of bullshit on the job. 
Or wine before, during, and after a delicious meal. 
Like a long ride to nowhere blasting your favorite rappers new album
(sun shining and windows down, of course)

Shoutout to 2014. 
Not only was that a magnificent album, and I'll get to that in another post... 
But the year was definitely one for the books. 

Not only did they release the iPhone 6, 
But I graduated, TWICE 
God has most certainly been looking out! 
And I'm so thankful.
But I wonder... 

Am I fulfilling my destiny?
...are you?

The way I see it, 
God places us all on our individual paths, 
And the destination is already predetermined.
destiny = destination

So if our paths are already leading us where we're supposed to be 
Why do we hold on to regrets? 

Why do we wish we could've done this or should've done that?
Didn't we do exactly what we needed to do to end up right here
In this moment... right where we are? 

Sometimes I think about some of the crazy choices of my past and feel disappointed 
"If I only knew what I know now..."  "smh" etc. 
But,  how else would I have learned what I know now 
If I had not made those awfully embarrassing,  stupid girl choices? 

Like it or not... 
Acknowledge it or not...
Life seems to have an oddly funny way of always working out. 
I intend on laughing all the way to my destination.

And as I walk down my path, I hope to make as many "wrong turns" and pitstops as possible 
Learning and loving my flaws, quirks,  and strengths
Everything that makes me... me

What do you think... 
Do you think we determine our own destiny? -- By making right or wrong choices.

Or do you think we're already on our paths,  each of us 
Reaping the blessings and paying the tolls of life? 

Enlighten Me. 
Let me know how you feel.
Or don't... and reflect.  Figure out the decision for your self  

Friday, January 3, 2014



For those of you that have embarked on this rather exhaustive journey with me, 
Thank you. 
Here is where I have archived my inner most plights of hopefulness.
And of course, curiosity. 

This experience has logged my bumpy transition from adolescence to adulthood.
For that I am eternally grateful.
But, like all good things my time here has come to an end
It is time now for me to move forward.

Ultimately, It is my goal to reach a level of unforeseen heights.
I want to be classified with the greats.
Winfrey. Angelou. Knowles. Carter. Obama. West. Okonma.

When I was younger it was always my dream to be admired
For something phenomenal I did, created, or said...
Then something happened,
I lost sight of that drive for greatness.
I don't know
All of a sudden I became comfortable with mediocracy.

Now, don't misunderstand.
I've still accomplished a phenomenal amount of my goals.
I just know that I am capable of so much more.

We all have the capability to be great.
What separates us,
The average and the distinguished...
Is the way that we view ourselves.

So ask yourself,
Are you worth it?
What are you worth?
Do you have the audacity to strive for the number one spot?

We say to those who compare themselves to legends,
What makes you think you are just as good?
When really we are revealing our own shortcomings.
We are all geniuses,
We are all GOATs.
We are invincible.
We are spectacular.


I have no idea what I want to be, or what I'll be admired for.
But what I do know is that...
I have brilliant ideas.
I have the ability to see the beauty in all things.
I have a smile that can illuminate any cloudy day.

This chapter of my life has lasted about 7 years.
It has been remarkable typing in the wee hours of the night.
But don't fret.
Greater is coming.

I am constantly curious

So, here I am bidding you all adieu.
Wish me well as I venture into the unknown.
On my path to greatness.

*takes bow*

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm still learning what it means to be human, 
To accept the fact that I have flaws. 

We are amazing. 
Our potential is limitless. 

It is up to you 
To believe. 
To really really believe. 
That you are worth it. 
You are worth every smile you bring to the world.
Worth more than any dollar in your bank account. 

I know you've fucked up. 
So what? Get over it? 
If you desire something 
You deserve it. 

Go for it. 

Who cares if your too short. 
Or too wide. 
Or if you have a vagina or not. 
Who cares if your homeless 
Or gay, 
Or ugly. 
Nobody cares about your excuses. 

Do you think your dreams will understand? 
If they were to wither away into nothingness 
All because you thought you couldn't achieve them?

Don't you know that everything that exists in the world was once a dream...
Dreamt by somebody, 
That had some major fuck-ups in life. 

Just like you. 

If you haven't learned anything from this 
I just want you to know. 
That you are perfect. 
How you are. 
No choice you made was incorrect. 
No path you paved headed in the wrong direction 

There is no RIGHT way to live. 
Just live it. 
And believe in yourself 
Belive in something greater than yourself 
And strive 
Always strive to be better. 
To be the greatest you
You could ever be, 

Do you thing Beyonce' just so happen to be frickin awesome? 
I think she started from the bottom, her bottom 
She believed her dream. 


It's important to realized that everyone is different 
What is for you...
Is for you. 
Not her, 
Not him, 
But you. 
Nobody has to understand it but you and your dreams. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

True Life: I am an artist, and I'm sensitive about my $h*t.

Kanye West is a genius ladies and gentlemen,
I lose a little faith in humanity when I realize that not everybody understands that.

I'm a blogger again...
It took me a while to accept that summer was coming to a close.
Summer was fantastic.
So much has happened to me over the past months.
I finally feel free.

For a while it felt like I was locked in a cage,
I spent my time searching for the key to unlock it,
whatever it was encapsulating me...

It wasn't until recently that I realized I was never really in captivity,
My thoughts restricted me from my inspirations
My dreams felt distant, my life seemed unreal.
The seasons changed,
I took a look around, assessed my surrounding, and stepped forward.

It's like Badu says in her song 50 feet Tall...

" My love, what did I do
to make you fall, so far from me
And now, I can recall
Cause of the fall, selective memory
Then you, you built a wall
a 20 foot wall so I couldnt see
But if I get off my off my knees
I might recall Im 20 feet tall "

She seemed to be blocked off by some person, 
someone she loved, 
and once she finally thought to take matters in her own hands
she realized that she was just as big as the thing created to shut her out... 

The lover she is directing these statements to,
in my case, is myself 
I built this wall in my imagination, 20 feet high... 
and me, feeling 20cm low 
thought there was no way out. 

Once I started to look around. Evaluate myself, 
and make an effort to remove whatever it was that was holding me back 
I realized that I was enough all along. 

I love the summer time. 
It's filled with so much time to learn. 
Which may seem backwards since school is out, but yea 
I have the time to focus on me and learn about myself. 
It's always some new to be found.

Thank God for sending us Steve Jobs...
Thanks to his dreams I get to see the love of my life every single day.
Even when she's millions of miles away.

"Human Potential is limitless"

Friday, May 31, 2013

THere will come a time when you encounter Guilt, or a hater

Don't let anybody rearrange you 

Always be proud 
of the decisions you made 
the people you made smile
those who you made second guess
Remember who you are
*Mufasa voice*

I Love You All 


Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm sitting here in my living room.
It's 2 o'clock, and my mind is racing...

I'm excited to have the opportunity grow up.
(since a lot of people don't really get a chance to experience this process)
I wonder what kind of grown up I'll be

Since a child, 
I've always done things differently. 
Always wore quirky clothes and 
had "different hair"
and made really weird decisions 

My teachers always took a particular fondness to me. 
Some might even snark and say teacher's pet 
...but darnit I made A's! 


But anywho, 
I'm here to reveal a set of goals I have for this summer. 
This is my first summer on my own 
and I'm super stoked!!@#@$$

I hope I do a lot of growing up... 
I'm proud of how far I've come 
but I'm excited to see how far I can fly. 

Summer '13

- Acquire the love of running
- Plant a beautiful flower
- Fall asleep on a beach
- Surprise my mother
- Redecorate my apartment
- Achieve zen in the yoga studio
- Dance my ass off

Let's go
It took me a while to adjust but I'm ready 
It's about to be my last year in college

 photo Screenshot2013-05-31at22119AM_zps0e225009.png

time to grow up 

I Love You All,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to the Future 6

So, I'm not entirely sure if anybody cared to notice...
But, I just posted a some very RARE and BASED content below.

Keep scrolling nigga
The good shit is right here.

These posts where locked away in the "attic of drafts"
that every blogger has filling up space in their post log
Enjoy the inspiration
blah blah blah


Truth is...

We all just want to be understood.

I just want to be understood.

I'm me...
How I long for people to appreciate my complexities,

I'm not normal by anyones definition...
Everyday I try my best to be as irregular as possible.
I hate being predicted. I hate being labeled.
I hate being misunderstood.

Not everyone is supposed to get me.
Not everyone will understand the way my mind works.

What is understood requires no explanation...

I refuse however, to push my beliefs onto anyone...
I have to respect others beliefs and not impose mine as if they were superior.

If we all agreed to disagree, there would be no conflict.
As much space there is on this planet,
I am sure people would be able to live harmoniously, differently,
If everyone wasn't so intrigued by transforming others beliefs.
If we took the time to understand why people are the way they are
Maybe things would be less bloody.

We all try.

The Last Dance.

I've been inspiring on here for some time.
That's cool and all... 
I've been in a really blissful state of mind lately. 

it's Spring Break for me, 
and here I am in my mother's beautiful home 
trapped in a faux blizzard
jealous of my peers having the times of their lives on the beach. 
refreshing my instagram every 20 mins 
refusing to 'like' any of the fun in the sun photos I see. 

With all this spare time I have 
My mind started doing laps around this topic... 

Who do people think they are! 
What is it that makes a lifestyle choice right or wrong__ 
Love whoever you want... 
Fuck whoever you want. 
Be whoever you want  to be! 

I just think its interesting how a person can make a mistake, 
feel guilty, and hope for somebody to show pity on them and forgive them 
yet they turn around and criticize somebody else for making a mistake 
We all fuck up sometimes. 

Why cant we realize that no mans "sin" is lesser or greater than another 

I struggle with letting people in due to my fear of being judged.
It sucks
but I'm working on overcoming it.

I admire people who never give a fuck about people and their ignorances. 
Well I guess I have my answer....

People are so stupid because they just dont know. 

Gay bashers just dont understand the whole butt sex, strap-on shenanigans 
MADD don't understand how exhilerating it must feel to speed in a car after getting plastered 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

To whom it may concern:

I love you,
and thats all I really have to say.

This time with you has been

Absolutely amazing
and new.

Everyday with you
is like a beautiful movie

Filled with twist and turns
and always a happy ending

You illuminate
my heart and my mind

Thank you
for everything you have brought into my life

You make me smile...

Your smile makes me smile

A lil something from me, 

to you, 
to celebrate a very special day.

 photo 7445d38d-6307-49fa-86a0-130292b7c901_zps78807c51.jpg

I hope everyone had a fantastic Cinco de Mayo'
I love you all,


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

8 am in Greensboro

I'm awake...
and naturally my mind is racing

You know,
Sometimes, in life, we have to do things we don't enjoy

so the fuck what.

In order to get where we want to be, in life
perhaps we have to go through some bullshit

I mean think about it...
If it was easy then eeeeeeverybody would do it.
Then what the heck could we be proud of?

not shit.

This makes me think of a good poem
by a good man,
meet Mr. Langston Hughes:

Mother to Son

Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps
’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

I don't know how my moms did it...
She had to put up with my spoiled
As she worked as hard as she could to support us

I know it was no walk in the park,
nor was it a walk up a beautiful crystal stair
but she did it
and she continues to do it.

So I vow,
to keep climbing these steps.
because I'm gonna make it

and when I do I'm gonna make sure that my mommy has an elevator

Keep your head up little niggas
and never ever give up
no matter how shitty life seems
There is always another day
Another path or another way

"Scrive for essellence"
~Gucci Mane

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Who told us that it was okay,
to sell ourselves short.

I always forget to keep moving forward.
I keep forgetting that the sky is the limit and
that tomorrow has the ability to be whatever day you want it to be...

My tomorrows gonna be fucking awesome.
I'm gonna wake up to a face that makes me smile
and I'm going to breathe the air I need...
The sun might come out.
Or it may be rainy,
either way,..
It'll be a great day.

"Life is a process..."
says a brilliant minded friend of mind.

And it is indeed.
and the most important part of any process most certainly
is its planning phase.

being as prepared as possible.
Being careful however, to not cross that fiery threshold leading to obsession
because that sucks.
Nobody likes an obsessed bitch.

diddy photo: diddy diddy.jpg

"Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight. "
- Aubrey Drake Graham aka, Drizzy, aka the Jewish Black guy, bka Jimmy

Dammit man.

WE are as powerful as we think we are
...and by we I'm talking to myself.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love poetry...

It's something about how the
majestic force allows the beauty of such words.

I believe in the power of words.
Words speak louder than actions,
to me.

Actions are done superflously
happening without knowing
day-to-day mundaneness auto piloting them,
but words, they must be thought about.
Especially written words.
They come from a result of your past actions
a book you read
A movie you saw.
A lesson you've learned.

The key to my heart is to convince me that your words are true...
That there is a genuine place in your soul.
I will take you wherever you want to go.
I will do whatever it takes to make you smile.

I want to be a writer...
I am going to be a writer.

This shit is just so much fun.

I was inspired by so much poetry today...
I must share

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I found that last excerpt in a journal
one of the many journals I have lying around this place
filled with refuge and solace.
words penned in ink and tears.

I thought I'd share that with you,
Thats the first time I put a pre-written piece on here
I enjoyed that feeling so, eventually, I'll do it again.

I wrote that last year at the end of August,
I can't believe how time flies.

How it heals all of our wounds.
Time, Time, Time
I'm taking physics now
I find it interesting learning about how things work.
It's like math with a purpose,
 You know, because regular math your just learning these stupid equations
for seemingly no reason at all
a reason your professor probably assumes is "fun"

...but physics,
Physics takes those dumb equations and tells a story
 of why things are the way they are.

Everything makes sense.
Hopefully I get an A.

I just think its hilarious how life works.
One second you're on the top of the world
and before you know it you're stuck with your nose in the dirt.
We think we know how things are gonna turn out
but we really never do.
we never do...

Just be thankful for what you got
and what you had
and what you can have,

I'm thankful for what I got,
I got exactly what I was looking for

August 26, 2012


Sometimes I daydream...
I wonder, and I think
about life.
Regrets pile.
stacked like yesterday's garbage
in the midst of beautiful landfills.
Decomposing in the corners of my mind.
I cry.
Just as infants when they fall
or break a toy
or want...
I want to live a perfect life.
And as much as I know how
life goes on, and how pain will reappear
just as you finally muster enough courage
to erase its ugly image from your memory
The tears still fall
Just as the leaves, and the fathers, and empires
And then they dry, making room for the growing buds
of Spring


Monday, December 24, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life.

Writers block is a bitch!
But I have to overcome it...
I can't not write right now.

I was inspired by my Instagram followers.
And this great ass movie!


It's an enlightening depiction of how valuable of each all of our lives are.
You'll be a better person after you see it... 
 "Don't believe me jeh watch"

As I scrolled down my timeline tonight,
I didn't see as many sad Tweegrams,
I didn't see 'rate me' games,
or 'please look at me and tell me I'm sexy pics'

I saw love...and lots of it.
I saw happy Tweegrams,
and trees (the ones with lights and ornaments),
smiling families, and piles of gifts

Sappy as shit I know but, hey...
Its Christmas!

Christmas is like a reminder...
A huge ass post-it note,
For the people who mean the most to us
Saying "Hey! I love you!"
"Even though you piss me off, I got you this $80 perfume"
or Hey! Even though I haven't talked to you in a year...
"Here this picture of me and my family in our matching sweaters, because I care"
These gifts aren't just fucking presents...
They are reminders of love, appreciation, and gratitude.

But on the other hand,
Sometimes people dont have anyone to share Christmas with...
Or send pointless cards too
Not everyone has a family to buy gifts for.
What then?
Then its up to us,  people with love to spare...
To reach out to these fine folks and be a blessing to them.
Love them,
That's what Christmas is really about.


What a fine way to end a year,
Merry Christmas everybody.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wicked Games

I was in the right place at the right time at church yesterday morning...
A few tears fell from my eyes.
But that was just because I'm a pansy

Nonetheless, in that moment I realized
that everything really is, going to be okay.
It was as if my life flashed before me,
All of my accomplishments were highlighted
and all of my fears seemed arbitrary.

It's funny how life at a glance can make the bad times seem more significant than the good times. But a stare can make the even worst of times seem good...

I'll be okay.
I've always been okay.
Things may not be perfect,
but I think its the imperfections
that motivates me to keep moving forward.

I am in a really good place right now.
It's sort of difficult to describe exactly how I've been feeling lately.
But everything feels right.
Even when I'm having a bad day, it still feels right.
It's crazy how you can get everything you ask for,

I'm interested to see where this can go.
and I enjoy spending time with you...
I like who I am around you, myself
I admire your personality
your kindness. your touch.
I'm interested in learning more about you, and
I'm eager to share more about myself.

There's a lot to me.
Me and Shrek have a whole lot in common...
You know, the whole onion situation.
I'm getting better with this "opening up" thing
It's kinda cool in a show n' tell kinda way.
I'm confident.

Any who!
Enough of all that jazz.
I'm just happy.
And I just want to leave on this note,
To everyone who has ever doubted me,
taken advantage of me,
 ridiculed me,  hurt me,
or fucked with me...
Thanks nigga,
Cuz obviously I had some shit to learn, because that made me
who I am right now... and I like it.
I love who I am right now.
I'm always going to have room to grow, and thats cool...
If I ain't growing I ain't living,
I gotta live,
Can I live?!?

I used to hate texting, because I never knew how or what to say,
Now I can't get enough.

I Love You All,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Made in America.

"What we behold before our eyes is what we've been holding in our minds..."
- Rick Beneteau

Nobody hates bullshit more than me. 
...and these past months leading up to the election 
have been a bunch of bullshit!
I mean come on,  
We knew who we were, and what we stood for. 

By we I mean America. 
Freedom to us has nothing to do with race,
or money, 
or sex, 
or who you wanna have sex with... 

WE knew what we believed it
We are constantly distracted. 
The way the media twists shit up to make you hate life 
and everybody in it. 

I know things are far from perfect, 
but at least we're here. 
At least we stood in those lines, and knocked on those doors, 
made phone calls, tweeted... 
Or posted one of those ignorant ass pictures on instagram
You did it. 
WE did it. 

I can't wait for a day there aren't anymore demographics
When we are no longer called "minorities"
One day people aren't going to be categorized
One day...

So the next time you downplay how far society has come.
Remember how you felt last night. 
Remember that sigh of relief you took 

We already knew he was going to win... 
Deep down. 
We just got distracted by all the bullshit news coverage, "experts", and polls
Fuck all that. 

Never give in, never lose faith
All is takes is a little bit of 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two Chainz

It may be a tad difficult to realize...
but we are way more alike more than we are different...

Men and Women
Blacks and Whites
Jews, Gentiles (...whatever gentiles are)

We cry, we love, we die.
Its obvious too, that we are all  very afraid
Afraid that who we are is wrong,
That the hand we were dealt is missing a few good cards

There is nothing more we can do than try.
Play the best game we can,

When I talk to you,
I am talking to myself,
sub subconsciously
Partly because, in actuality I still believe I'm the only one who reads this.

Even though deep down I hope that isn't the truth.
I just wanna be better than I was yesterday.
I just want to smile.
Brighter than I did this morning.
I am constantly progressing.
Maturing and growing.
As the 20th year of my life comes to a close.
I reflect on a life well lived.
I am thankful for all of my lessons I've learned.
All of the lies i've been told.
All of the people that have been place in my path.

These 20 years have been as long as a lifetime.
But hopefully, if it is in His will,
I will see 20 more.
Learning way more than I could ever imagine.
Clenching tight on the faith that' has brought me this far.

I believe my life is a story.
I believe this happend for a reason.

I know that one day, maybe 10, or 20 years from now,
I can recollect this very moment.
These feelings will rush beck to me like rough waves on a cloudy day.

I know
That this is what I write for.

I may not be a wordsmith.
I may not be as innovative as the next guy.
I may never be on time
I may not run as fast as I want,
or be as graceful as I would like..
but I'm trying.

I don't have anything else to do on this Earth
but try.

So the next time you catch yourself comparing your current state to his.
Belittling your skills, or knowledge...
Know this.
We are all made from His image.
 With the same nomenclature, the same blood running through our veins.

There is nothing stopping you from being whatever you desire to be.
Your life.
is yours.

Fuck the rest.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My First Post.

I have a really hard time communicating
Especially when I write...
This intimacy that we share with my words frightens me,

Spoken words are easily consumed and forgotten
But these words...  the ones written for eyes I don't see, and faces I can't read
Makes me uneasy, at best.
I feel so venerable

No one asked me to do this, to be here...
But I can't seem to break free from this feeling.

The best I've done to eliminate my fear of this scrutiny, is lie...
I leave out bits or chunks of truths to mold my life into this masterpiece.
To eliminate any reason for critique
It's so incomplete,
There's this void in almost everything that I write.

I have this journal,
I keep it in my nightstand, the top drawer
Right by my bed
So that its never too far away.
Even in the pages of my own personal daily records,
My words seem so foreign
I don't know why I have this great fear.
Of being open, or free...

I  don't want to be wrong.
I don't want to reviel my weaknesses, or my desire, to anyone.
Including myself...

I long so much, to be understood.
To simply be understood.
But what I fail to do is allow people in.
In relationship I'm guarded.
I assume everyone is a monster,
before I even try.
I don't try.
I'm afraid of the monsters,
Those goblins hiding in my closet, creeping under my bed.
I just want to be free.

I suppose this is where courage comes in...
And maturity.
I have to learn how to take criticism,
and be unscaved by the negativity of outsiders.
Scammers, heart thieves, and demons.

I promise to be real.
...At least on paper.
Until I muster enough courage to believe what I dream.
And to speak what I know.

Me playing small serves no purpose.
Other than to allow others to use me as a stepping stone.
I'll pull myself to the top.
Without crabbing my way to success.

Hard work

and Love.
Nothing can be accomplished without Love.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let them eat cake...

Of course we know that everything happens for a reason.
Is it smart for us to simply agree to disagree, or shut up and color as life stomps on our strengths and reveal our weakness...
Its hard for me to believe that there is no such existence of peace.
A freedom from fear, doubt, and grief.
Why can't we just be okay?
Why must everything be challenged?

The answer is faith.
I think the answer is faith, faith is the grace of God, God is the key to heaven... And I supposed heaven is the peace we so long to receive

Or I could be wrong,
Por favor

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little inspiration...

God bless you.
May you always dream.
Keep faith,
Never give up.
And exhale until you are empty.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spice Girls.

A lil late night inspiration for the soul....

Look at them then...
Look at them now.
Optimism is the key to success.
Believe in yourself.
Haters have a job to tend to, allow them to continue.
Beyonce' is one of my greatest inspirations.
She has the stuff.
She just has the stuff,
I can't wait until I maximize my potential.

Destiny's Child was amazing,
The dancing...
The concept...
The message...

You don't need Steve Harvey to keep a man,
You just need to focus...
 on your relationship.
Cater to one other.
It's easy to let jealousy and pride take over,
don't let it.

Self- explanatory.
This is mad real.
Its fun not wearing lots of clothes sometimes...
As a woman, I appreciate the attention. 
If I must put it on display,
I'd much rather put it on a porcelain platter
as opposed to a paper plate.

This video kinda makes me stop breathing.
Not only is Mrs. Carter breath-takingly beautiful,
I can see the love in her eyes.
I tear up every time I hear this song,
She gives me so much hope.
It's out there.
I'm anxious.
I'm patient.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I don’t care if you judge me.
I don’t care anymore…
Trying to please you is only going to cause my heart more pain.

I am whoever I am.
Whatever I do.
Whoever I am .
If you say I’m incompetent or selfish then that’s who I am.
I do not care.
I’m sorry to offend you.
I may be wrong.
But at least I feel good.
At least I keep moving forward.
And that I will.
I have faith that I will be a master.
I will not be a slave.
Not to you or anyone.
I break my own rules.
I pave my own path.
Fuck you.
Pay me.
Respect me.
Or don’t.
You have a choice now.
Remember that everything will change.
I will remember,
I pray to my God.
I don’t care if you believe.
I commit my own sins.
I don’t care if you agree.
I dance to my own drums.
Drifting on and off beat.
Fuck it.
I                         am              me.
And baby that’s all that I can be.
If  you could take some time and focus on you
Maybe you could understand me.
I love.
My love has wide stretched open arms
Waiting for your embrace.
Embrace my love.
Or don’t
I’ll be just fine. Alone
Unafraid to love again.
Expecting the worst
Praying for reciprocity.
Everything happens.
And then something else happens.
Then we forget.
Never forget.
Never look back.
The impossible.
That’s the only way things change.
 Be you.
Who the fuck else are you gonna be?
It’s okay that your not perfect.
WE are not perfect.
Show me some bad.
Let’s compare notes.
 Wouldn’t I be a liar if I just showed you the good in me?

Monday, July 16, 2012

El fin.

I have a hard time concentrating some times,
My thoughts have a mind of their own...
and maaaaannn, does that get annoying.

Well, I intended on this being my last post on here... I changed my mind
I tried so hard to come up with the perfect goodbye post.
I even wrote a rough draft, on paper...
Paper I say!!

Blasphemy, I know.
But, nah... paper is pretty cool.
It can help you to remember your thoughts a whole lot faster than typing can.
Paper doesn't freeze.
You can't screen shot paper,
but you can copy it...
That's alright too, I suppose.
But thankfully these past 2 weeks at work without a computer,
have helped me to remember the perks of having paper around.
So, shouts out to the trees.

I've had this on my mind for some time,
And I finally have enough  time, patience, and wiz bang to get 'er done.


Not everyone thinks like you. 
No one in fact, is just like you. 
No one looks like you, talks like you, walks like you. 
No one can be you, better than you can. 
Its oddly obvious, yet we still strive so much to be like each other. 

So easily, we compare ourselves to others.
We doubt our blessings and try to be like the ones we look up to.
"People with money have everything they could ever need, they must be happy."
We equate fame, fortune, and platinum records... to peace, acceptance, and joy.
When shockingly, it adds up to be the complete opposite.


You have to be thankful for what you've got.
Whether its a diamond in the back of your cadillac....
or, your taillight is busted in your Rav-4
You better 'gangsta lean' in that shit,

Its hard accepting people as they are sometimes,
but, when you look at life from the center...
You may realize that it may be kinda hard for others to accept you as well.
That's when the not giving a fck-ness comes into play.
As long as you are comfortable doing you, others will accept you for it.
They might not at first, but before the night is through,
Somebody will embrace you, be patient.
Everybody can find love, and friends are there
 to keep you company on this awesome path Life has made for us.
Love them,

Treat them, and everybody how you would be treated.
Let us forget to point out the flaws in others, and ourselves,
and remember that we are here together, going through the same trials, making the same mistakes.

Be happy,
Live as happily as your life can allow.


In my opinion, your happiness can only come from you.
Not money, not love, not success...  but you.
I'm positive your the happiest when you're doing stuff, you like to do.
Do that, everyday... and I promise things will seem better.
Smiles will become easier.

Well, at least for me it is.
I wake up every day more excited than the last.
Eager to learn new things, eat more chicken, watch more movies...

Reading makes me happy, so does taking dope ass pictures of my friends.
I enjoy talking to my mother, and yoga,
I love love love shopping, and having nappy hair.
I love to dance.
Ballet mostly... but I can get down to whatevs.

Those were just some things laying heavily on my mind,
Thanks for reading,

I love you all,

Women run the world.
simply put.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writer's block

I can't wait to see how I've changed.
Five years from now I'll probably laugh at this.
They'll be good giggles...
I think.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer lovin - (c.2012)

Please pardon my absence...

I''ve been roaming on this earth for what seems like a lifetime.
Technically it has been, for what is my lifetime as of now but 21 years?
I always ask people, older people, how it feels to be old,
or how it feels to witness all the changes in the world.
Answers vary on the scale of positivity, some say 2 others say 10, and beyond.

Up until last night I thought I had it all figured out, life.
I thought I can use references from people around me to decide what the future will feel like.
I would inquire about the emotions that aging, responsibility, parenthood, and success brings.
However, a wise man told me, after I tried to comprehend the mystery of love,
for which I haven't yet fallen deeply enough in its gobbling slow-sinking sand pits to fully understand it
"Love is like a roller coaster..."  he says
My mind automatically starts playing Miss Chrissette Michelle, and I felt like I understood what he meant.
He continues " can't know what that means unless you've taken a ride. "

I felt left out,
sorta like the 6 year old girl two inches shy of the 'you must be this tall to ride the ride' marker.
I sighed, then quickly reverted to my previous lessons of life, and the theory of relativity.

"Everything that happens to you, can only be felt by you,
Overseers have their own perspective, based on different biases, of which are very different from yours.
Ones feelings, no matter how well described, can not be genuinely felt by the listener, only reciprocated."

Oftentimes we look for the answers before we even read the question.
Call me crazy but, how are we to know what we should expect, what to look for.
Whenever it is I grow up, maybe 20 years from now, I don't want to be here,
I want to be there... far away,
Figuring out my own special methods to successfully complete the puzzle of life... my life.

I think said it best.

"Be different, do different things, don't do it like
                                he did, cause he ain't what you is, but we can win"

Life indeed is a mystery,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As  cliche' as this may be

Beauty is truly, in the eye of the beholder.
This might be the one thing we all have in common, beauty, and the ability to interpret it.
But that's where we differ...
Each and every one of our brains are completely different, our fingerprints can verify.
We all see something no one else has seen, or ever will see

We all define beauty with different adjectives and references.
Darker skin or fuller hips, longer hair and straighter teeth,
Beyonce' or Michelle,
Covergirls, Strippers...

I just want you to remember that you are the most beautiful person in your world.
That's kinda what should matter to you the most.

Envy is what starts many wars, many fights
let it go,

Make-up was intended to enhance babygirl,
but when you wake up in the mornin, take a piss, and wash your hands
take a sec to look up in the mirror and make sure you thank god for creating you,
just as you are.

We all have things to be proud of,
stop complaining about the flaws,
be you,
and that is beautiful...


Sunday, March 25, 2012

We all try.

I believe in happiness.

I believe in words.
in eyes.
I believe my elders.
I believe in the power of hip hop.
I believe in cool hair.
I believe that the world is our stage.
I believe you are the star of this show.
I believe in the clearance rack.
I believe in sweet smells.
I believe all religions.

I believe in God.
I believe we were made in His image.
I believe we are gods.

I believe in the laws of the universe.
I believe that faith is all we need.
I believe in perfection.

I believe everything we know might be a lie.
I believe that beauty is relative, as it should be.

I believe the depth of the color purple.
I believe the sky is blue.

I believe in change.
I believe in innovation.

I believe in second chances, third and fourth.
I believe in love, sex,war.
I believe that there is a match for each of us.

I believe in living strong.
I believe that things could always be worse.

I believe in smiles.

I believe that you are the most amazing person in the world.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lil Wayne.

Man oh man, oh man,

Where do I begin, I'm mean, what does the "F" stand for
How do you still have things to say, how, how how.

Its been nearly a decade of pure ownership of the craft,
you werent even legal, but you knew you could run this rap shit.
Now we know.
Thank you for every club banger or hood anthem, crazy verse and every catchy ass hook.
Thanks for that Barbie girl, and Jimmy
 Neutron,  he's a fucking genius, and thank you for hearing that in him first,
Now like you he will be forever in our minds, future memories.

Oddly you "brought" us Curren$y,
well to me at least...
 "Grown Man", that was my shitttttttttttttt.
like that voice he has just marinated the already tender ass steak of a song.

Carter II....
I'm gonna listen to that shit when I'm 58... and forever
It's so real.
How did a lil nigga fron the NO
asolutely change the fuck out of the rap game,
out of the music industry.

and, it probably happened as a revenge tactic, a smart ass concept.
because nobody wanted to take a southern rapper seriously, nope
so you showed them, you made them take you seriously,
mixtape after
after mixtape.

and now because of you, mixtapes are mandatory prerequisites for industry entry.

Thank you, if nobody ever told you,
You are the best rapper alive,

(Jay-Z I like you too bruh, I think you might have to just scoot over to share the throne)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Karl Marx, Wayfarers, South Beach, && hair Sheen,

After having a chat with a wise friend
watching a really awesome episode of Skins (U.K.)
googling a few new terms

I finally decided to write this.

I don't know if anybody still gives a dern about what I have to say,
but by golly, I am here.
and this will be here as long as here is now.

Today had a recurring theme of events.
This weekend rather...
Matter of fact, now that I look back, my whole week has been packed full of
Titles, Labels, Categories, Stereotypes.
Nobody thinks of these words and smiles,
why, because they suck.
that's why.

I just don't like the whole 'I think I know you because you look a certain way' thing
Why do people thinks its okay to predict the storyline without even reading the title
People obsess over the cover art, and they might even skim the pages for pictures
if your lucky.
But oftentimes, your whole life is already a fallacy crafted and created in a fools  mind.

A life of obedience and bliss if you're wealthy.
One of sadness and strife if you were a penniless homeless man.
A life of ease and carefreeness for daddy's little girl.
Packed cars and hard labor for Senors and Senoritas

I could go on for days about the different stereotypes.
What I really don't get, is how we can sit and acknowledge the foolishness, laugh and joke
but we still judge a person and predict their personality or character by their clothes.

When its the soul that's inside that we need
maybe its sub conscience...

Its crazy how ideologies work.

To solve the issue, me personally...
I will continue to strive for complete and total acceptance of me.
In the process hopefully, inspiring others to do the same.
If I have learned anything in my past 20 years, it is that
 in order to love your life, you must live it.
You must live each day stronger than the last,
Happier than ever before.


Happiness to you is unlike any other happy ever in time.

Lets not judge ourselves... aye

c'est la vie

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Its a beautiful Sunday morning.
The birds are squawking outside of my window...
The breeze is breezing,
The winter is warm.

I don't really have anything to talk about.
I'm  kinda just enjoying my life,
and I want to be able to remember this moment so here I am.

I am exactly who I want to be.
Because, I created this and the people who have "attracted" their way into my path
Everything I've done, every person I've encountered
Has made me,

I thank you all for featuring in my life,

What is not seen does not exist.
We create our own destinies.
Take risks, make mistakes, get messy

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bobby Brown.

This one is for Whitney.

We look at celebrities, we admire their success, we imitate their style, and gawk at their beauty.
We pry in their public lives, tell every secret they weren't even able to whisper,
and we expect them to be normal.

We expect them to be sober in a world where they are in a petri dish under our shitty microscopes,
poking and blinding.
While they're screaming for help, in search of a listening ear that can keep secrets locked away.
In a tower free from paparazzi, or screaming fans, backstabbers and brown nosers.
but "mo' money mo' problems" they say...

And then on the total opposite end of the spectrum we have homeless people,
Beggars and "crackheads" and "junkies" how we like to call them.
We dont give a shit about these guys,
We automatically assume that they'll be fine because they're poor and poor people need drugs,
Poor people deserve to be unhappy, because they must be weird and lazy if they can't get a job,
We clench our purses, hold our noses, and try our best not to make eyes contact.

It's funny, the people who need our attention dont get it,
 and the people dying for some space, gets clenched tighter.

We saw Whitney at her finest,
then she wasn't fine anymore,
and we stopped caring,
we laughed and mocked her,
forgetting all the things she did for us, all the sounds she made... for us.

Now we don't have her anymore, thankfully now we can remember.
Remember who she was... flaws, and perfection, just like we all have.

Britney Spears Ladies and Gents

the first comment under this is, "Bobby Brown's version is better. "
when will we learn...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Listen Up.

Theres only two ways to feel tomorrow. Melancholy as heck, or really happy...

This is not for the really happy people... bitter people, this ones for you!

Untitled from ADDY G. on Vimeo.


part 2!!!!!