Sunday, March 18, 2012

Karl Marx, Wayfarers, South Beach, && hair Sheen,

After having a chat with a wise friend
watching a really awesome episode of Skins (U.K.)
googling a few new terms

I finally decided to write this.

I don't know if anybody still gives a dern about what I have to say,
but by golly, I am here.
and this will be here as long as here is now.

Today had a recurring theme of events.
This weekend rather...
Matter of fact, now that I look back, my whole week has been packed full of
Titles, Labels, Categories, Stereotypes.
Nobody thinks of these words and smiles,
why, because they suck.
that's why.

I just don't like the whole 'I think I know you because you look a certain way' thing
Why do people thinks its okay to predict the storyline without even reading the title
People obsess over the cover art, and they might even skim the pages for pictures
if your lucky.
But oftentimes, your whole life is already a fallacy crafted and created in a fools  mind.

A life of obedience and bliss if you're wealthy.
One of sadness and strife if you were a penniless homeless man.
A life of ease and carefreeness for daddy's little girl.
Packed cars and hard labor for Senors and Senoritas

I could go on for days about the different stereotypes.
What I really don't get, is how we can sit and acknowledge the foolishness, laugh and joke
but we still judge a person and predict their personality or character by their clothes.

When its the soul that's inside that we need
maybe its sub conscience...

Its crazy how ideologies work.

To solve the issue, me personally...
I will continue to strive for complete and total acceptance of me.
In the process hopefully, inspiring others to do the same.
If I have learned anything in my past 20 years, it is that
 in order to love your life, you must live it.
You must live each day stronger than the last,
Happier than ever before.


Happiness to you is unlike any other happy ever in time.

Lets not judge ourselves... aye

c'est la vie

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