Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As  cliche' as this may be

Beauty is truly, in the eye of the beholder.
This might be the one thing we all have in common, beauty, and the ability to interpret it.
But that's where we differ...
Each and every one of our brains are completely different,
...as our fingerprints can verify.
We all see something no one else has seen, or ever will see

We all define beauty with different adjectives and references.
Darker skin or fuller hips, longer hair and straighter teeth,
Beyonce' or Michelle,
Covergirls, Strippers...

I just want you to remember that you are the most beautiful person in your world.
That's kinda what should matter to you the most.

Envy is what starts many wars, many fights
let it go,

Make-up was intended to enhance babygirl,
but when you wake up in the mornin, take a piss, and wash your hands
take a sec to look up in the mirror and make sure you thank god for creating you,
just as you are.

We all have things to be proud of,
stop complaining about the flaws,
be you,
and that is beautiful...


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