Monday, February 20, 2012

Bobby Brown.

This one is for Whitney.

We look at celebrities, we admire their success, we imitate their style, and gawk at their beauty.
We pry in their public lives, tell every secret they weren't even able to whisper,
and we expect them to be normal.

We expect them to be sober in a world where they are in a petri dish under our shitty microscopes,
poking and blinding.
While they're screaming for help, in search of a listening ear that can keep secrets locked away.
In a tower free from paparazzi, or screaming fans, backstabbers and brown nosers.
but "mo' money mo' problems" they say...

And then on the total opposite end of the spectrum we have homeless people,
Beggars and "crackheads" and "junkies" how we like to call them.
We dont give a shit about these guys,
We automatically assume that they'll be fine because they're poor and poor people need drugs,
Poor people deserve to be unhappy, because they must be weird and lazy if they can't get a job,
We clench our purses, hold our noses, and try our best not to make eyes contact.

It's funny, the people who need our attention dont get it,
 and the people dying for some space, gets clenched tighter.

We saw Whitney at her finest,
then she wasn't fine anymore,
and we stopped caring,
we laughed and mocked her,
forgetting all the things she did for us, all the sounds she made... for us.

Now we don't have her anymore, thankfully now we can remember.
Remember who she was... flaws, and perfection, just like we all have.

Britney Spears Ladies and Gents

the first comment under this is, "Bobby Brown's version is better. "
when will we learn...

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