Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Destiny's Step Child.

I haven't had this feeling in a while...
Curiosity is yet again getting the best of me. 
It feels so refreshing. 

A warm bubble bath after a long day of bullshit on the job. 
Or wine before, during, and after a delicious meal. 
Like a long ride to nowhere blasting your favorite rappers new album
(sun shining and windows down, of course)

Shoutout to 2014. 
Not only was that a magnificent album, and I'll get to that in another post... 
But the year was definitely one for the books. 

Not only did they release the iPhone 6, 
But I graduated, TWICE 
God has most certainly been looking out! 
And I'm so thankful.
But I wonder... 

Am I fulfilling my destiny?
...are you?

The way I see it, 
God places us all on our individual paths, 
And the destination is already predetermined.
destiny = destination

So if our paths are already leading us where we're supposed to be 
Why do we hold on to regrets? 

Why do we wish we could've done this or should've done that?
Didn't we do exactly what we needed to do to end up right here
In this moment... right where we are? 

Sometimes I think about some of the crazy choices of my past and feel disappointed 
"If I only knew what I know now..."  "smh" etc. 
But,  how else would I have learned what I know now 
If I had not made those awfully embarrassing,  stupid girl choices? 

Like it or not... 
Acknowledge it or not...
Life seems to have an oddly funny way of always working out. 
I intend on laughing all the way to my destination.

And as I walk down my path, I hope to make as many "wrong turns" and pitstops as possible 
Learning and loving my flaws, quirks,  and strengths
Everything that makes me... me

What do you think... 
Do you think we determine our own destiny? -- By making right or wrong choices.

Or do you think we're already on our paths,  each of us 
Reaping the blessings and paying the tolls of life? 

Enlighten Me. 
Let me know how you feel.
Or don't... and reflect.  Figure out the decision for your self  

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