Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Made in America.

"What we behold before our eyes is what we've been holding in our minds..."
- Rick Beneteau

Nobody hates bullshit more than me. 
...and these past months leading up to the election 
have been a bunch of bullshit!
I mean come on,  
We knew who we were, and what we stood for. 

By we I mean America. 
Freedom to us has nothing to do with race,
or money, 
or sex, 
or who you wanna have sex with... 

WE knew what we believed it
We are constantly distracted. 
The way the media twists shit up to make you hate life 
and everybody in it. 

I know things are far from perfect, 
but at least we're here. 
At least we stood in those lines, and knocked on those doors, 
made phone calls, tweeted... 
Or posted one of those ignorant ass pictures on instagram
You did it. 
WE did it. 

I can't wait for a day there aren't anymore demographics
When we are no longer called "minorities"
One day people aren't going to be categorized
One day...

So the next time you downplay how far society has come.
Remember how you felt last night. 
Remember that sigh of relief you took 

We already knew he was going to win... 
Deep down. 
We just got distracted by all the bullshit news coverage, "experts", and polls
Fuck all that. 

Never give in, never lose faith
All is takes is a little bit of 

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