Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wicked Games

I was in the right place at the right time at church yesterday morning...
A few tears fell from my eyes.
But that was just because I'm a pansy

Nonetheless, in that moment I realized
that everything really is, going to be okay.
It was as if my life flashed before me,
All of my accomplishments were highlighted
and all of my fears seemed arbitrary.

It's funny how life at a glance can make the bad times seem more significant than the good times. But a stare can make the even worst of times seem good...

I'll be okay.
I've always been okay.
Things may not be perfect,
but I think its the imperfections
that motivates me to keep moving forward.

I am in a really good place right now.
It's sort of difficult to describe exactly how I've been feeling lately.
But everything feels right.
Even when I'm having a bad day, it still feels right.
It's crazy how you can get everything you ask for,

I'm interested to see where this can go.
and I enjoy spending time with you...
I like who I am around you, myself
I admire your personality
your kindness. your touch.
I'm interested in learning more about you, and
I'm eager to share more about myself.

There's a lot to me.
Me and Shrek have a whole lot in common...
You know, the whole onion situation.
I'm getting better with this "opening up" thing
It's kinda cool in a show n' tell kinda way.
I'm confident.

Any who!
Enough of all that jazz.
I'm just happy.
And I just want to leave on this note,
To everyone who has ever doubted me,
taken advantage of me,
 ridiculed me,  hurt me,
or fucked with me...
Thanks nigga,
Cuz obviously I had some shit to learn, because that made me
who I am right now... and I like it.
I love who I am right now.
I'm always going to have room to grow, and thats cool...
If I ain't growing I ain't living,
I gotta live,
Can I live?!?

I used to hate texting, because I never knew how or what to say,
Now I can't get enough.

I Love You All,

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