Monday, July 16, 2012

El fin.

I have a hard time concentrating some times,
My thoughts have a mind of their own...
and maaaaannn, does that get annoying.

Well, I intended on this being my last post on here... I changed my mind
I tried so hard to come up with the perfect goodbye post.
I even wrote a rough draft, on paper...
Paper I say!!

Blasphemy, I know.
But, nah... paper is pretty cool.
It can help you to remember your thoughts a whole lot faster than typing can.
Paper doesn't freeze.
You can't screen shot paper,
but you can copy it...
That's alright too, I suppose.
But thankfully these past 2 weeks at work without a computer,
have helped me to remember the perks of having paper around.
So, shouts out to the trees.

I've had this on my mind for some time,
And I finally have enough  time, patience, and wiz bang to get 'er done.


Not everyone thinks like you. 
No one in fact, is just like you. 
No one looks like you, talks like you, walks like you. 
No one can be you, better than you can. 
Its oddly obvious, yet we still strive so much to be like each other. 

So easily, we compare ourselves to others.
We doubt our blessings and try to be like the ones we look up to.
"People with money have everything they could ever need, they must be happy."
We equate fame, fortune, and platinum records... to peace, acceptance, and joy.
When shockingly, it adds up to be the complete opposite.


You have to be thankful for what you've got.
Whether its a diamond in the back of your cadillac....
or, your taillight is busted in your Rav-4
You better 'gangsta lean' in that shit,

Its hard accepting people as they are sometimes,
but, when you look at life from the center...
You may realize that it may be kinda hard for others to accept you as well.
That's when the not giving a fck-ness comes into play.
As long as you are comfortable doing you, others will accept you for it.
They might not at first, but before the night is through,
Somebody will embrace you, be patient.
Everybody can find love, and friends are there
 to keep you company on this awesome path Life has made for us.
Love them,

Treat them, and everybody how you would be treated.
Let us forget to point out the flaws in others, and ourselves,
and remember that we are here together, going through the same trials, making the same mistakes.

Be happy,
Live as happily as your life can allow.


In my opinion, your happiness can only come from you.
Not money, not love, not success...  but you.
I'm positive your the happiest when you're doing stuff, you like to do.
Do that, everyday... and I promise things will seem better.
Smiles will become easier.

Well, at least for me it is.
I wake up every day more excited than the last.
Eager to learn new things, eat more chicken, watch more movies...

Reading makes me happy, so does taking dope ass pictures of my friends.
I enjoy talking to my mother, and yoga,
I love love love shopping, and having nappy hair.
I love to dance.
Ballet mostly... but I can get down to whatevs.

Those were just some things laying heavily on my mind,
Thanks for reading,

I love you all,

Women run the world.
simply put.

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