Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Last Dance.

I've been inspiring on here for some time.
That's cool and all... 
I've been in a really blissful state of mind lately. 

it's Spring Break for me, 
and here I am in my mother's beautiful home 
trapped in a faux blizzard
jealous of my peers having the times of their lives on the beach. 
refreshing my instagram every 20 mins 
refusing to 'like' any of the fun in the sun photos I see. 

With all this spare time I have 
My mind started doing laps around this topic... 

Who do people think they are! 
What is it that makes a lifestyle choice right or wrong__ 
Love whoever you want... 
Fuck whoever you want. 
Be whoever you want  to be! 

I just think its interesting how a person can make a mistake, 
feel guilty, and hope for somebody to show pity on them and forgive them 
yet they turn around and criticize somebody else for making a mistake 
We all fuck up sometimes. 

Why cant we realize that no mans "sin" is lesser or greater than another 

I struggle with letting people in due to my fear of being judged.
It sucks
but I'm working on overcoming it.

I admire people who never give a fuck about people and their ignorances. 
Well I guess I have my answer....

People are so stupid because they just dont know. 

Gay bashers just dont understand the whole butt sex, strap-on shenanigans 
MADD don't understand how exhilerating it must feel to speed in a car after getting plastered 

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