Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Truth is...

We all just want to be understood.

I just want to be understood.

I'm me...
How I long for people to appreciate my complexities,

I'm not normal by anyones definition...
Everyday I try my best to be as irregular as possible.
I hate being predicted. I hate being labeled.
I hate being misunderstood.

Not everyone is supposed to get me.
Not everyone will understand the way my mind works.

What is understood requires no explanation...

I refuse however, to push my beliefs onto anyone...
I have to respect others beliefs and not impose mine as if they were superior.

If we all agreed to disagree, there would be no conflict.
As much space there is on this planet,
I am sure people would be able to live harmoniously, differently,
If everyone wasn't so intrigued by transforming others beliefs.
If we took the time to understand why people are the way they are
Maybe things would be less bloody.

We all try.

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