Monday, December 24, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life.

Writers block is a bitch!
But I have to overcome it...
I can't not write right now.

I was inspired by my Instagram followers.
And this great ass movie!


It's an enlightening depiction of how valuable of each all of our lives are.
You'll be a better person after you see it... 
 "Don't believe me jeh watch"

As I scrolled down my timeline tonight,
I didn't see as many sad Tweegrams,
I didn't see 'rate me' games,
or 'please look at me and tell me I'm sexy pics'

I saw love...and lots of it.
I saw happy Tweegrams,
and trees (the ones with lights and ornaments),
smiling families, and piles of gifts

Sappy as shit I know but, hey...
Its Christmas!

Christmas is like a reminder...
A huge ass post-it note,
For the people who mean the most to us
Saying "Hey! I love you!"
"Even though you piss me off, I got you this $80 perfume"
or Hey! Even though I haven't talked to you in a year...
"Here this picture of me and my family in our matching sweaters, because I care"
These gifts aren't just fucking presents...
They are reminders of love, appreciation, and gratitude.

But on the other hand,
Sometimes people dont have anyone to share Christmas with...
Or send pointless cards too
Not everyone has a family to buy gifts for.
What then?
Then its up to us,  people with love to spare...
To reach out to these fine folks and be a blessing to them.
Love them,
That's what Christmas is really about.


What a fine way to end a year,
Merry Christmas everybody.


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