Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I don’t care if you judge me.
I don’t care anymore…
Trying to please you is only going to cause my heart more pain.

I am whoever I am.
Whatever I do.
Whoever I am .
If you say I’m incompetent or selfish then that’s who I am.
I do not care.
I’m sorry to offend you.
I may be wrong.
But at least I feel good.
At least I keep moving forward.
And that I will.
I have faith that I will be a master.
I will not be a slave.
Not to you or anyone.
I break my own rules.
I pave my own path.
Fuck you.
Pay me.
Respect me.
Or don’t.
You have a choice now.
Remember that everything will change.
I will remember,
I pray to my God.
I don’t care if you believe.
I commit my own sins.
I don’t care if you agree.
I dance to my own drums.
Drifting on and off beat.
Fuck it.
I                         am              me.
And baby that’s all that I can be.
If  you could take some time and focus on you
Maybe you could understand me.
I love.
My love has wide stretched open arms
Waiting for your embrace.
Embrace my love.
Or don’t
I’ll be just fine. Alone
Unafraid to love again.
Expecting the worst
Praying for reciprocity.
Everything happens.
And then something else happens.
Then we forget.
Never forget.
Never look back.
The impossible.
That’s the only way things change.
 Be you.
Who the fuck else are you gonna be?
It’s okay that your not perfect.
WE are not perfect.
Show me some bad.
Let’s compare notes.
 Wouldn’t I be a liar if I just showed you the good in me?

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