Thursday, February 28, 2013


Who told us that it was okay,
to sell ourselves short.

I always forget to keep moving forward.
I keep forgetting that the sky is the limit and
that tomorrow has the ability to be whatever day you want it to be...

My tomorrows gonna be fucking awesome.
I'm gonna wake up to a face that makes me smile
and I'm going to breathe the air I need...
The sun might come out.
Or it may be rainy,
either way,..
It'll be a great day.

"Life is a process..."
says a brilliant minded friend of mind.

And it is indeed.
and the most important part of any process most certainly
is its planning phase.

being as prepared as possible.
Being careful however, to not cross that fiery threshold leading to obsession
because that sucks.
Nobody likes an obsessed bitch.

diddy photo: diddy diddy.jpg

"Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight. "
- Aubrey Drake Graham aka, Drizzy, aka the Jewish Black guy, bka Jimmy

Dammit man.

WE are as powerful as we think we are
...and by we I'm talking to myself.


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