Thursday, September 26, 2013

True Life: I am an artist, and I'm sensitive about my $h*t.

Kanye West is a genius ladies and gentlemen,
I lose a little faith in humanity when I realize that not everybody understands that.

I'm a blogger again...
It took me a while to accept that summer was coming to a close.
Summer was fantastic.
So much has happened to me over the past months.
I finally feel free.

For a while it felt like I was locked in a cage,
I spent my time searching for the key to unlock it,
whatever it was encapsulating me...

It wasn't until recently that I realized I was never really in captivity,
My thoughts restricted me from my inspirations
My dreams felt distant, my life seemed unreal.
The seasons changed,
I took a look around, assessed my surrounding, and stepped forward.

It's like Badu says in her song 50 feet Tall...

" My love, what did I do
to make you fall, so far from me
And now, I can recall
Cause of the fall, selective memory
Then you, you built a wall
a 20 foot wall so I couldnt see
But if I get off my off my knees
I might recall Im 20 feet tall "

She seemed to be blocked off by some person, 
someone she loved, 
and once she finally thought to take matters in her own hands
she realized that she was just as big as the thing created to shut her out... 

The lover she is directing these statements to,
in my case, is myself 
I built this wall in my imagination, 20 feet high... 
and me, feeling 20cm low 
thought there was no way out. 

Once I started to look around. Evaluate myself, 
and make an effort to remove whatever it was that was holding me back 
I realized that I was enough all along. 

I love the summer time. 
It's filled with so much time to learn. 
Which may seem backwards since school is out, but yea 
I have the time to focus on me and learn about myself. 
It's always some new to be found.

Thank God for sending us Steve Jobs...
Thanks to his dreams I get to see the love of my life every single day.
Even when she's millions of miles away.

"Human Potential is limitless"

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