Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm still learning what it means to be human, 
To accept the fact that I have flaws. 

We are amazing. 
Our potential is limitless. 

It is up to you 
To believe. 
To really really believe. 
That you are worth it. 
You are worth every smile you bring to the world.
Worth more than any dollar in your bank account. 

I know you've fucked up. 
So what? Get over it? 
If you desire something 
You deserve it. 

Go for it. 

Who cares if your too short. 
Or too wide. 
Or if you have a vagina or not. 
Who cares if your homeless 
Or gay, 
Or ugly. 
Nobody cares about your excuses. 

Do you think your dreams will understand? 
If they were to wither away into nothingness 
All because you thought you couldn't achieve them?

Don't you know that everything that exists in the world was once a dream...
Dreamt by somebody, 
That had some major fuck-ups in life. 

Just like you. 

If you haven't learned anything from this 
I just want you to know. 
That you are perfect. 
How you are. 
No choice you made was incorrect. 
No path you paved headed in the wrong direction 

There is no RIGHT way to live. 
Just live it. 
And believe in yourself 
Belive in something greater than yourself 
And strive 
Always strive to be better. 
To be the greatest you
You could ever be, 

Do you thing Beyonce' just so happen to be frickin awesome? 
I think she started from the bottom, her bottom 
She believed her dream. 


It's important to realized that everyone is different 
What is for you...
Is for you. 
Not her, 
Not him, 
But you. 
Nobody has to understand it but you and your dreams. 

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