Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer lovin - (c.2012)

Please pardon my absence...

I''ve been roaming on this earth for what seems like a lifetime.
Technically it has been, for what is my lifetime as of now but 21 years?
I always ask people, older people, how it feels to be old,
or how it feels to witness all the changes in the world.
Answers vary on the scale of positivity, some say 2 others say 10, and beyond.

Up until last night I thought I had it all figured out, life.
I thought I can use references from people around me to decide what the future will feel like.
I would inquire about the emotions that aging, responsibility, parenthood, and success brings.
However, a wise man told me, after I tried to comprehend the mystery of love,
for which I haven't yet fallen deeply enough in its gobbling slow-sinking sand pits to fully understand it
"Love is like a roller coaster..."  he says
My mind automatically starts playing Miss Chrissette Michelle, and I felt like I understood what he meant.
He continues " can't know what that means unless you've taken a ride. "

I felt left out,
sorta like the 6 year old girl two inches shy of the 'you must be this tall to ride the ride' marker.
I sighed, then quickly reverted to my previous lessons of life, and the theory of relativity.

"Everything that happens to you, can only be felt by you,
Overseers have their own perspective, based on different biases, of which are very different from yours.
Ones feelings, no matter how well described, can not be genuinely felt by the listener, only reciprocated."

Oftentimes we look for the answers before we even read the question.
Call me crazy but, how are we to know what we should expect, what to look for.
Whenever it is I grow up, maybe 20 years from now, I don't want to be here,
I want to be there... far away,
Figuring out my own special methods to successfully complete the puzzle of life... my life.

I think said it best.

"Be different, do different things, don't do it like
                                he did, cause he ain't what you is, but we can win"

Life indeed is a mystery,

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