Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two Chainz

It may be a tad difficult to realize...
but we are way more alike more than we are different...

Men and Women
Blacks and Whites
Jews, Gentiles (...whatever gentiles are)

We cry, we love, we die.
Its obvious too, that we are all  very afraid
Afraid that who we are is wrong,
That the hand we were dealt is missing a few good cards

There is nothing more we can do than try.
Play the best game we can,

When I talk to you,
I am talking to myself,
sub subconsciously
Partly because, in actuality I still believe I'm the only one who reads this.

Even though deep down I hope that isn't the truth.
I just wanna be better than I was yesterday.
I just want to smile.
Brighter than I did this morning.
I am constantly progressing.
Maturing and growing.
As the 20th year of my life comes to a close.
I reflect on a life well lived.
I am thankful for all of my lessons I've learned.
All of the lies i've been told.
All of the people that have been place in my path.

These 20 years have been as long as a lifetime.
But hopefully, if it is in His will,
I will see 20 more.
Learning way more than I could ever imagine.
Clenching tight on the faith that' has brought me this far.

I believe my life is a story.
I believe this happend for a reason.

I know that one day, maybe 10, or 20 years from now,
I can recollect this very moment.
These feelings will rush beck to me like rough waves on a cloudy day.

I know
That this is what I write for.

I may not be a wordsmith.
I may not be as innovative as the next guy.
I may never be on time
I may not run as fast as I want,
or be as graceful as I would like..
but I'm trying.

I don't have anything else to do on this Earth
but try.

So the next time you catch yourself comparing your current state to his.
Belittling your skills, or knowledge...
Know this.
We are all made from His image.
 With the same nomenclature, the same blood running through our veins.

There is nothing stopping you from being whatever you desire to be.
Your life.
is yours.

Fuck the rest.


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