Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lil Wayne.

Man oh man, oh man,

Where do I begin, I'm mean, what does the "F" stand for
How do you still have things to say, how, how how.

Its been nearly a decade of pure ownership of the craft,
you werent even legal, but you knew you could run this rap shit.
Now we know.
Thank you for every club banger or hood anthem, crazy verse and every catchy ass hook.
Thanks for that Barbie girl, and Jimmy
 Neutron,  he's a fucking genius, and thank you for hearing that in him first,
Now like you he will be forever in our minds, future memories.

Oddly you "brought" us Curren$y,
well to me at least...
 "Grown Man", that was my shitttttttttttttt.
like that voice he has just marinated the already tender ass steak of a song.

Carter II....
I'm gonna listen to that shit when I'm 58... and forever
It's so real.
How did a lil nigga fron the NO
asolutely change the fuck out of the rap game,
out of the music industry.

and, it probably happened as a revenge tactic, a smart ass concept.
because nobody wanted to take a southern rapper seriously, nope
so you showed them, you made them take you seriously,
mixtape after
after mixtape.

and now because of you, mixtapes are mandatory prerequisites for industry entry.

Thank you, if nobody ever told you,
You are the best rapper alive,

(Jay-Z I like you too bruh, I think you might have to just scoot over to share the throne)

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