Thursday, January 19, 2012


     Oftentimes I find myself being sorta hypocritical. I am. But aren’t we all...haven’t we all subjected our selves to the poor expression of leadership "do as I say not as I do."


      As much as I resent that portion of myself, or my mind to be more specific, I understand that we as humans make mistakes, sometimes we do shit we know we’re not supposed to. We go 80 in a 55, we tip less than 15%, we put gum under the seats. But how many times have we been caught, not too many times, I hope. We have all experience that relief from dodging bullets and bee bee's, dart, arrows, fists, whatever you want to call sliding under the radar.  That shitty feeling of getting caught is indescribable, but avoidable.  When you fuck up, admit it to yourself if no other party, look back, and laugh, look forward and focus. Be proud of your mistakes or deviances from the rules if rebellion was the motive. We control our fait.  God has given us this tool, our thoughts are the joystick for this game of life. 

     Do the damn thing. Play the fuck outta this game. Temple run… notice who scores the highest. The ambitiously addicted, the more you play the more you learn, the more coins you collect the easier it is to survive, to win,  to run, to make massively obnoxious scores and all that shit.  Can’t we equate that to life.  Temple run, the more you challenge yourself, the more knowledge you obtain, the easier it is for you to survive. To win.     

     I wonder where that explore is going, or why he’s running. Maybe he’s just a fast ass nigga, a thief who could’ve gone to the Olympics if he didn’t give up on his dreams, and maybe he’s bitter now, and decided to steal the fuck outta somebody’s treasure … Maybe were are assisting the rebellion!

Whatever the case may be, he is running… we are running. We have no idea where… in both cases,  and all we know is that the longer we play the closer we are to whatever treasure lies in our futures. Don’t let the past determine your speed, Let the unknowingness of tomorrow motivate you. Mistakes are meant to be made, let us not dwell or mourn because those thoughts used to remember only bring in more negativity. So the next time you seem down and out, upside down, inside out, believe that the only way out of your rut, is up. Run fast. We are stars. You are. 

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