Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bugs Bunny.

My life has just changed. 
as it does every second. 
every time I meet something new. 

I decided it would be a great idea to accompany my already horrible gift wrapping skills 
with a documentary. 
Netflix has the greatest documentaries. 
Nextflix is the greatest. 

I should make a documentary on how great Netflix is. 

I digress, back to my life altering documentary!


videos from all over the world from tons of people on one day. 24 July 2010 
24/7  as I like to imagine the inspiration came from. 

Up until about an hour and a half ago I didnt realize how large this world really is. 
How unimportant my life issues are.
There is no excuse for me to ever be sad... 
Life, in my non-expertise opinion is all about the pursuit of happiness. 
The running away from all things we fear, by running towards the things we love. 

No matter where in the world Carmen San Diego went, 
I'm pretty sure she made sure she was happy. 
What does it mean to be happy?

Lets see what the fine folks at Google think... 


  [hap-ee]  Show IPA
adjective, -pi·er, -pi·est.
delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to behappy to see a person.
characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, orjoy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.
favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky: a happy, fruitful land.
apt or felicitous, as actions, utterances, or ideas.
obsessed by or quick to use the item indicated: a trigger-happy gangster. 

To me, happiness is comfort, and seeing other people not unhappy
Art makes me happy. 
&& Chipotle. 
French Fries. 
Great love stories... 
Attention makes me really happy. 

I imagine if I were to ask 10 different people what makes them happy I would get 11 different answers. 

Everybody has a story. 
Its amazing. 
Think about how many books there are in a library.
How many tweets are tweeted... 
How many people ther are in the world. 
All with there own set of heartaches and heart hugs.

I'm grateful to have seen this movie. 
There are people living perfectly fine without. 
Without money, without Chipotle... 
without love. 

Look around ladies and gentlemen, and pay attention to the documentary that life edits for you... 
Directed by your creator... which ever you believe. 
I realize today that there is so much more I can see. 
I will see. 

Money ruined the world. 
Thats the only thing that drives us, not love. 
Just money, well, The love of money drives us. 
The love of things. 
We are not products of our environment, we are consumers. 

You know what sucks, when people say they are thankful for being more blessed than another person. 
I believe we are all equal
 money is the only thing that separates us, and water. 
I wonder how those kids feel when people video tape them for infomercials...
I'd slap somebody if they came all up in my shit.

Merry Christmas Christians. 
Happy Hanukkah Jews. 
Every body else... happy holidays.

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