Saturday, December 10, 2011


I met a man today,
I was amazed...
I sat there, at my dining table
with a room full of voices, loud ones....
and got lost in the stories of a man who was more than thrice my age.
80's or so,
This man was a talker, serious level of talking this man does...
and he does it well.
This man has 80 years of stories, and just so happen to be blessed with the gift to recall
and 'broadcast'  certain recollections of his life.

So, to continue...
This man was wicked awesome, we sat
jaws tired but anxious, he talked
Anxious as well, my mind wanted answers, I listened.
From hazing, to the brainwashing of the soldiers
Vietnam, to Hawaii, Florida, and back...


This new year is gonna be legit,
When people say college is used to find the answers,
or if they don't.
Know it is.
it is.

I've met so many people this past year,
learned so much shit.

be your self mankind.
There's so much more you can be.


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