Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hell Date.

I dont see how people hate being alone. 
Me and my mind can have so many conversations, parties, anything, 
Jusat the two of us. 
or one, or how ever you want to count it... 

I have a gift, or lots of them, 
I'm not quite sure which one will make me money , but hopefully it can. 
Hopefully I'll be passionate about whatever I do to make money. 
whatever job I have in 8 years... 

In 5 I want to not know where my life is going. 
I want to be oblivious to getting old. 
I want to be 25 and fly, 
no kids, 
no man... well maybe
but I'd rather be alone, traveling the globe and shit... 
partyin alone. 

Sometimes on dates,
and I use the term loosely because I really dont go on them, 
but on these alleged "dates" there is usually pain. 
Mental pain. 
Which in some cases I think that hurts the most, 
since pain really only ever exists in your minds you know. 
Kinda like a fire. it shoot up from the wound to the brain. 
from the splinter gunshot funny bone, to the deluxe apartment in the sky.... 
So, imagine if the pain began in your mind at host. 
What if the fire started in your apartment
Then your kinda fucked. 
but that's just my opinion... 

Anyways, I digress 
Usually on these dates there sits adjacent to me a young man, 
a nice young man, 
cute and shit. 
all I usually think about is how much I would rather be on this marvelous date
Not with him
just me by myself, 
watching this movie, eating this paid for meal, with just myself 

Without all the getting to know me hoopla. 
Because he really doesn't care, and he shouldn't. 
He couldn't possibly care about a person he knows nothing about, 
So why are we doing this. 
Why is he paying for this food, 
Because hes stupid... he has to be, 
 Stupid people do stuff  they wouldn't normally do because they are told, or taught. 
So, why would I wanna be with a stupid person? 

That's where my mind goes. 
Everytime I go on a "date"
loosely termed remember... because I don't call outings with stupid boys dates
Or maybe I do. 
Maybe the fun stuff should have a better terminolgy. 
Like..... excursion! 
"We dont call em dates no mo in '12 we call em excursions" gucci voice. 

So to all of you prospective excursion partners, 
know this...  
Lets not go anywhere, 
get to know me before you waste your money, 
Lets be able to go out when your hairs not cut, 
when you dont have to pay for my food, 
or ask me what my major is over the bread they give you before our meal. 

Lets get to know each other before the excursion. 
That why they created all these dumb ass social networking networks... right?

Lets use them for good instead of evil 
Peace be with you. 

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