Monday, December 5, 2011


I often wonder how people perceive me...
but I can never truly know, no matter how hard I think... because I still have my own perspective
So I have to learn to live through my lenses no matter how distorted my views.
I have to remember that there is absolutely nothing I can do about my fucked up habits...
that is until I feel like changing.


One of the best semesters of my scholastic career
One of the best weekends
Its not many people I can be completely comfortable around...
Maybe once in a never I'll blog about that comfort.
once before....
Its crazy how comfortable I was,
Thanks for making me feel so comfortable.
I don't think you know how 'myself'  I am with you.
cool shit.
I have no idea how you feel... lol
and, I'm not sure I care to know.
All I know is that you ''do somethin to me. ''

Too bad things don't always end up how you want them to,
but hey,
you never really know

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