Friday, December 23, 2011

The Ides.

I felt like shit this morning when I woke up.
and then I got on twitter now I feel worse.

Shut upppp.
People talk about dumb shit.
I talk about dumb shit but man

There are some things you cant change...
like the weather or people dying for sneakers.
shit happens.

If you didnt stand in the fucking line.
How dare your judge anybody who did.
Maybe somebody is standing in line for a loved one
Maybe they worked hard all week to afford those shoes.
Maybe this has become a tradition for him, the IX release

Once again I repeat myself because nobodys listeneing!
Shut up.
There is bigger shit to talk about.

Like the fact that LA police are pressed as fuck for arresting Tyler.
I wish I could run away.
Get away from all this shit,
People not being okay with who you are.
telling me what to buy to be who I wanna be.
Coke Zero isnt gonna make me skinnier,
and that new mini van isnt gonna make you a better mom.
McDonalds isnt gonna make me a better black person either.
cmon son.
Are people really this stupid.

There are no commercials for jordans.
why do you think...
because people talk about it. tweet about it.
shit is real
so shut the fuck up.

If he wanted to stand in line let it be.
We are killing niggas for Coltan.
Thats not a problem right.
Or diamonds.
Or Drugs.
but we cant die for some awesome ass sneakers.

This is just ranting as usual.
I hate everybody sometime.

I can't wait until I retire.
Rich as heck.
away form all these dumb ass people.
Christmas Traffic


Congrats if you got those beautiful shoes we've all been waiting so long for.
I'm getting those shoes.


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