Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 x 1

Loving life is clearly the only way to live. 
Otherwise life for you is gonna suck, 
and what's the point of living this life, the only life we have... suckily??

My boo looked so good. 
Think about how they feel waking up in the morning. 
Think about how much stuff just shouldn't matter to them. 
Masters of the to speak. 
Sitting on this alleged throne... and were all watching. 

I haven't heard the album yet. 
It's something about highly anticipated music I can't bang with initially. 
I'll listen soon enough. 
Don't get me wrong... as soon as I found that .zip link, I downloaded.  
but I have yet to drag the little folder to my iTunes. 
It just seems if I listen now. 
My mind will be influenced by everything but the music. 
I guess I'm strange. 

For now I'll only dissect digest what I've been forced fed. 

I love this record. 
Partially biased yes. 
Your favorite rappers My favorite rapper. Jay-Z
My favorite Cinderella story. Kanye
together again. 

The last couple of times these two were together on a track,
and I mean just those two guys.
We all got served some H.A.M... on a Diamond platter. about an epic meal time

So I already had sky high expectations for this collab. 
Expectations were met, and exceeded. 
Everything about this track was perfect... to me. 
The crisp, smooth, cockiness of the fusion of the soul and hip hop, is undeniably crazy. 
The flow, versatile, and cocky. beautiful. 
The message, short and sweet, cocky and to the point. 

So what I you dont like the album, 
guess what... 
you listened to it, they made money. 

I'll listen soon enough, 
I might like it, I might not. 
but I refuse to sit here and argue about it, or try to influence your opinion. 
because either way, I'm pretty sure they'll still be doing this. 


I really hope I do. 
did anybody get my title?
ooooor did everybody notice that swag-someness

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