Saturday, August 13, 2011

Abe Lincoln Gone Wild

This has been by far one of the most spectacular...
whiz bang... ( #shoutout to )
summers of my whole life.

you must watch that to continue. ^^^

A quick recap!!
I completed 28 days of hot ass, horrible ass, ROTC fun

I got a new odd job.
Idk if I told you guys...
but, I've been working at this fancy schmancy salon/spa thingamajig.
Pretty dope.
$9 an hour to greet rich people??  Ill take that.

I saw my boo!
@CurrenSy_Spitta aka. the flyest/dopest man in the business right now.
along with Wiz, Mac Miller, Big Sean, K.R.I.T, Cool Kids, Kendrick Lamar.

btw. Kendrick = monster.
pure talent.

From all the fun, the late nights, the big booty strippers, steady paychecks, and chipotle.
I learned so much.
I learned the importance of friendship.
True friendship.
How sad life would be without friends,
or how bad people would look if it weren't for the honesty of true friendship.

I learned that the key to success relies on the confidence you exude.
That the secret to attaining your goals, near or far...
is simply based on how hard you are willing to work for it.
How much do you want it??
How far would you walk to get that cheesecake for Diddy??

I learned that you life is only worth however much you need.
there's no change.
no cash back.
We get out exactly, what we put in.
It does, however, accept coupons.

Now, this year I have made a promise to myself.
To be confident in who I am.
Proud of every single move I make.

I promise to myself to take a look at the board before I make a move,
Chess... not checkers baby.

As I embark this momentous occasion in my life
I promise to keep being exactly who I am,
and pass all my classes,
failing sucks worse than 8th grade girls with braces


I jumped out of small windows in this post,
I'm sorry.
just a lil antsy.

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