Friday, July 29, 2011

Miss Jackie.

If I had a soap box, I'd be standing on it. 
...right now. 
in the middle of my cul-de-sac for all to see and hear. 

Earlier today I decided it was time to peek at my bank statement, 
I try to limit my balance checking down to twice a month... maybe
 for this reason specifically, 
I got kinda sad that I spent so much money. 
angry because I had to spend any money at all, actually
as opposed to sitting on my dough like a fat ass goose egg

I got so pissed at Wachovia for allowing me to buy gas. or new contacts. 
or Wa-Wa for my muchies. 
all very important things, vital but expensive as hell. 
and all the while, as I'm bitching in my mind 
I still have quite a bit of pocket change to last me through the fall. 

If I had a dollar for every time I bitched about... a totally irrelevant topic. 
I'd have enough money to fill that void Wachovia right now. 

Why is it that we can only see ourselves poor, 
when really we're fucking rich as hell. 

Think about it. 
How many times have you heard, or said... 
"I hate my life" 
"nobody understands me"
"ma! there aint no food in the house!! can we go to chipotle???"
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Everytime you start to bitch about bratty shit. 
just imagine if your house got caught in a forest fire
or if your sister married your step father. 
If you couldn't remember your last meal . 
If your baby was ugly. 
or if cancer stuck its fugly nose in your life. 

If we could all just remember that we are blessed. (highly favored)
and all that jazz, 
stop worrying about the love you don't have,
or the clothes you cant afford. 
and just live your life the best you can 
without complaints, 
without regrets. 

and just LIVESTRONG.

I dont exactly remember where I heard this from but, 
Imagine life is a movie, 
here you are, an extra. 
one of those 'pick your nose in the back of the scene' extras
you see that irrelavant nose picking scene pan as the highlight of the movie... 
but in actual reality that movie could have gone on with, or without you. 

That how life is. 
This is not our show, we are just little extras 
we must pick our battles wisely. 
one booger at a time.

RIP Miss Jackie 

I Love You All 

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