Wednesday, January 12, 2011


#Shoutout to the people that can be themselves.
and not think twice about how other people perceive them.

Trouble is the most stupidest sick board game ever invented.
Whoever created this should be pissed on by Nicki Minaj.

If a player lands on a piece of another player, he can then remove that player's game piece from the board and return it to that player's home space.

Its stupid. the stupid little popping thing decides your fate. no wit needed.
just like life.

While in the proccess of attempting to get over stuff.
A wise roommate shared her rules of success in relationships or whatever.
It inspired me and pissed me off at the same time.

1.) Confidence is KEY! 
When beginning anything be confident, It'll make shit better from the jump. No one loves a scary hoe.

2.) Know Your Audience.
While beng confident, you still gotta play it smart... Learn how to talk to certain people. Don't piss off the milk man

3.) Don't Settle

If you cant have the real Louie dnt buy the one for $50 at the beauty supply store... Its tacky and a waste of potential money you could be saving for the real shit.

4.) Go after what you want
Another confidence bit. Do what you want without fear of rejection. Closed mouths get nutted on.

5.) Drink The Hater-ade.
Eff everybody who has a problem, the easiest way to win is to prove everybody wrong. 
*middle finger in the air if you dont really care*

6.) Dont change for nobody =)  K.I.T.
Juuuusst because you date a poet doesn't mean your violets are blue, be you and stay true #homie.
Before you decide you wanna be "wifed" or "hub-ed" for lak of a better word. make sure you jump the broom with yourself first, know who you are before you try not to change who you are. 

7.) Dont. I repeat DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket
Idk who came up with this strange expression. but basically, If you aint married always keep your options open. It sucks to be left with nothing after you put everything into something.

8.) Its all a GAME!
This is serious. For some reason people just can't be normal, everybody wants to be a winner in the end, This is no I Declare War either. this is a craft, Chess not Checkers!

9.) Shit Happens
Good things dont last. Ever. One day the worlds gonna blow up. When it does were gonna have to get over it. You live, you learn. People will fuck with you and one day you'll forget all about them. Just learn never to be in a predicament like that again. 

10.) You're a priority not an option.
If they dont treat you how you want to be treated, somebody will. Go look for that basket with the stashed eggs. They'll get the j-o-b done! Dont settle for the lames, or beg! never never beg!

Dont kiss the hoes in the mouth!

I love you all 

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