Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fake Tits.

I'm sorry to all you nappy haters...
I was scrolling down my Facebook homepage thing
and somebody gorgeous said something that caught my eye.

"to keep the natural texture of my hair that grows out of my head is seen as revolutionary--; why is that?"
--Gorgeous Friend 

I have recently joined #teamNaturalHair
and this is easily the best decision I've made in my life...
I feel more confident, beautiful, all that cool shit
I wish everybody joined this team!

It occured to me that black people always wanna be exclusive.
"Man, I dont even wanna cop them cool greys... everybody got em"

or in this case.
How they consider a woman's, 
a black woman's choice to not chemically ruin their hair, a trend. 
While Ill admit this is an epidemic,

This is not a stupid trend, 
This is a little bit more important than quickstrike releases, or twitter.
Everybody and there mama may be doing it... but its about time it be done....

Have you ever wondered why the average "permed females" hair never exceeds her collar bone
why would God allow ever other race to have long hair?
everybody but us.

Its not because God blessed us with other things.
 (i.e. fat asses, great thighs, and large foreheads)
Its because we kill our poor little follicles. 
with that "creamy crack" shit. 

Black people have "good hair" too 
I bet you'd be surprised at the different textures we have.

Think about it. 
The hair grows...
The new growth is inevitable... right?
So why isn't it getting longer? 

because its breaking off.  hoe
dry lifeless permed hair... you can keep it. 
run away from the rain. 
While I'm in a pool without a swimming cap!

I may have a teenie weenie afro now. 
but soon enough Ill be swangin! 

Photo on 2011-01-10 at 16.23 #4

It kills me how now that I'm natural I get treated like a civil rights activist. 
this is how I was born. 

I Love You All 

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