Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm wearing contacts all week.

This was probably the best weekend...

It was 3 days.
I spent lots of dough.
Got lots of cool things.
And I'll end it all with a deep ass conditioner.

there was something tho.
Somebody told me that I've changed...
Its inevitable, subtle, shitty.

I think I have changed though.
I can see it in my blog, my twitter... my thoughts.
I hope I've changed for the better.
Older more mature.

What if I changed for the worse.
like I may have,
Plastic is my worse fear.
I am who I am.
Without fear of what others think.
I can't fathom the thought of me trotting around campus in heels and MAC.

We are sent here,
To find ourselves.
To learn lots or learn nothing at all
To fall in love.
To kiss a girl... and like it.
STD's and pregnancy scares.
Drunken texts. and Hangovers.
Finals. Midterms,
Lessons. Choices

I hope I'm on the right path.
I'd hate to look back at myself next year and not know who I am.
I love me.

You should love you.
and love whoever it is you should become.
change boo boo.

I dont think University Experience is relevant to my life.
but I wish I would have went to class...

I Love You All,

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