Saturday, January 1, 2011


If Oprah was my mom...
I'd buy lots of cool stuff.
organic food.
books for school...

I'd be happier.


New Years is by far my least favorite holiday...
#thatawkwardmoment where you put the wrong date on your paper...
failed attempts of good deeds, and lost pounds...
Unnecessary text messages.
blah blah.

I hate new years resolutions.
but! I always ted to make the same one ever year.

usually I just ask myself to be happy.
whether it be...
I'll be happier once I find a boyfriend...
loose 3 pounds.
or learn how to make a really cool food.

this year I'll try something a little different.
I'm gonna be happy this year.
The rest of my life.
and the only thing that can make me this way is myself...

Once I do that, I figure everything else will fall into place.
*does happy dance*

CURREN$Y - PILOT TALK IN STORES NOW from Creative Control on Vimeo.

don't worry be happy

I Love You All

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