Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After the Party.

I know why twitters so popular,

I understand everything now.

Twitter is an alternative for your mind.
Conversations we have with ourselves can now be shared
with our millions of followers.
bots. twatchers. etc...

we no longer have only ourselves to rely on...
in 140 character or less.
or now more ...
we no longer have to be lonely creepy thinking to myself creepers.
we have options!

I can tell my followers about the girl in my class that smells like fish.
or now.
when I hear a cool song.
I can tell everybody about it! #nowplaying.

When the booskees acting up.
I can let everybody know it.
get advice from Pookie and them.
and all the while DM-ing some studmuffin you had class with last semester.

We can pretend to know other people.
Pretend to  be cared about.
that  darn "@" symbol
a sign of endearment.
Somebody actually took the time to mention me!
little ole @addysHome.


I can have all the followers in the world tho.
but ill still be a lonely little soul
when twitters gone,
ya know...once ubertwitter kills my darn battery
...maybe because of the many times my timeline had to be refreshed?
or maybe blackberrys are waaack.

but I still have my mind to fall back on...
old yeller. always there when you need her.
Thats all you really do have in the end.

It'll never run out of characters.

Out on a Friday night
Fake smiles and flashing lights
Where do all the lonely people go when the party's over?
Everybody is your friend
I hope this never ends
Cause I don't know where lonely people go when the party's over

#shoutout to the lovely Carlitta Durand
and of course the legendary Little Brother!!

Little Brother & Carlitta Durand Pictures, Images and Photos

if ya ain't know ya better google them #shawty

I Love You All

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