Sunday, January 23, 2011

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Dont Give a F#ck!

Have you noticed that all these "freshman" rappers are old as shit
talk about the same stuff.
all get highed
I love stoner rap and all.
but I dont get high.
So what about me!
how can I relate to the backback stoners.
I cant.

I prayed to the music gods...
please send me some random violent ignorance, that doesn't require a loudpack.
Something as original and quirky as I am.
Dirty rap. Funny rap. Young rap!
...thats what I asked.

They answered.

 So here's my recent obsession.


I havent been this obsessed with music in a while.
about a year and a half ago.
when "The Warm-Up" dropped.

here is something fresh. young.
and dope as FAWK!
I don't care if you don listen to me now.
but you'll hear about this soon!
trust me.

Tyler the Creator
Hodgy Beats
Earl Sweatshirt
Domo Genesis
Mike G
Frank Ocean
Left Brain
The Super 3
Syd tha Kyd
Jasper Loc
Taco Bennett

Earl is my personal favorite. 
Crazy man. sick shit. 
I throw up every time I listen to him.
and he's only 16.

and Tyler!
the sick mastermind behind the dopeness. 
Its as if God himself decided to mix
Jay Electronica, Eminem, Wu Tang, MF doom, and a little pinch of Kanye poo
gaaahhh. >_<

you must listen. 
you must hear! 

Don't take my word for it. 
look for yourselves. 
be amazed!
Dowload just about everything OF here!

They'll be in DC on valentines day. 
I bought tickets. 
I have no ride. 

#FreeEarl...suck a dick.

Earl's mom listened to his mixtape. 
Earl talks about rape, drugs and other cool stuff like that
Earl is only 16. 
She sent Earl to BootCamp. 
whore -_-

I love you all.

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