Monday, January 31, 2011

Tongue Rings.

Ill say it again.
as I've said it a million times....

all girls will suck a penis.
---not just the whores.

I have a couple of new found enjoyments.
added to my list of :

long walks on the beach
and internet surfing.

I love Waka Flocka Flame.
stupid or not. Flockavel bumped.
That made my top 5 albums of 2010.
by far my favorite class walking soundtrack.

Lets not be closed minded.

and I found this amazingness yesterday.
God created this here just for me.
specifically for me to be happy.
and it found me in the form of a dope ass yellow carton. 




the best soap in the land.
best smell EVER.


and btw you guys,
stop judging people. let shit go. be yourself, dont kiss the hoes in the mouth. etc etc

If anybody is going home on the 14th.
take me with you!

I love you all

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