Friday, December 10, 2010

That darn Miley...

Carrie Bradshaw was one helluva broad. 

I spent my pointless week at school watching lots of Sex & the City. 
and I love her. 
Who wouldn't 

She has a great butt... 
covered by some dope ass dress. 
the only shape-ups she needs to keep that booty tight are $500 5-inch red bottoms. 
*cue J-Lo's really catchy Louboutin song*

Its amazing how you think you're the only person going through shit...
when more than likely theres a movie about it. 
a blog post. 
a trending topic. 
a Beyonce song.

Never forget you'll get over it. 
Carrie got over Big not getting out that damn car. 
Beyonce' got over those God awful braids that she used to rock... 

and Miley! this to shall pass. 
we understand you just turned 18. 
the fame is full of pressure, we know... 
but boo. maybe you need to get better friends? *shrug*
cuz whoever was holding that camera was fuuuccked up. smh 

"I'm not like other women."
that's what Carrie said, 
and she's not, she so much cooler
I'm so much cooler. 
So is Beyonce 
and Miley... 
she'll never be Britney... but she'll do.

oops? =) 

I'm sorry for my jump jumping arounnd but this just came on my fucking television 

no fucking way. smh 
this is... something else
Something ELSE! 

they can chia obama.... 
but miley cant get high on her b day... 
*sad sigh* God Bless America. 

I love you all. 

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