Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I had a really good day.
a really good coupla days.

I'm kinda just now learning to not let other people affect my mood.
So I'm happy.

Lately, I've been appreciating people who don't let people affect anything about them.
The way they dress.
How they act, or the things they say.
How to think.
Who to like.
Who to be...

Its important that you feel comfortable with yourself.
I don't think I was cozy until this semester.
...and Im still movin around trynna find the warm spot.

Whether I feel like dressing un-girly like
or whether I feel like hanginout with como-sci nerds.
You just gotta #kanyeShrug

If your boo ain't treating you like they used to.
don't change for them.
Compromising yourself is the worse thing somebody can do.
in my opinion.

Those lame people telling you that you cant do something.
darn skippy you can do it.

to those stupid folks who don't think its okay for you to fuck other boys.
...or girls
eff those guys
who think its okay for somebody to be sad.
and un-cozy.

And to those sneakerhead and music gurus
...everybody can't be as cool as you.
everybody's gonna buy the new jordans that you want to be exclusive.
nike's gotta make money some how
and everybody's gonna hop on your favorite "underground" rapper if they're a trending topic
-__ -

 Now...I'm not the biggest Nicki fan.
but I respect what she does.
and how she does it.
and although she dissed the shiznit outta K.I.M.
I feel like she had cool things to say in the beginning of the interview.

everybody's not gonna love you.
It would be nice.
but it would be even more creepy.
just make sure you some. you
cuz in the end thats kinda all ya got.

I'm all I have at the end of the night.
After the party....

Phonte follows me on twitter guys!! <@photigallo>
#shoutout to @CarlittaDurand

I love you all.

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