Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goldie Locks.

I'm getting dreads this summer.
If I don't pussy out like I do normally

I've had the same hair forever.
Never colored, chopped... changed anything.
I did have bangs for a short period.
and in 8th grade all my hair fell out so thats kinda like a chop?
but I feel like its time for me to do something

first order of business is to completely go natural.
like everybody else!
it seems so much cooler than getting a relaxer.
eff european standards.
*power to the people fist raise*

then dreads ill get.

Today i wanted to talk about somebody cool.
I made a statement on twitter today that was just a random thoughtless blurb.
like everything else...
but I think it was substantial.

"Cudi should win a Grammy..."

and he really should.
cokehead or not he's a genius.
so keep on sniffing cudder!

I don't smoke.
but his music puts me in a high.
a state of "euphoria"... if we wanna be cliche
its so....
Dope. (no pun)

I can only imagine how high people feel when they listen to him.
His first album. Man on the Moon: The End of the Day.
which I am currently euphoria-sized to at this very moment is a beautiful work of art.
I'm in a very bad mood.
well I was.
now. I feel like a Lion!
It empowers me to think I can do things I know I probably cant. =)
like a dream....

I really like Curren$y alot.  (jets fool)
Wiz is straight... (TGOE)
great cannibus tunes
but... Its something about Cudders weed music.
its.... somethin else *kevin hart voice*

and I just realized tonight how great he is.
I tip my hat to you Kid Cudi.
You make me feel alive.

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon II Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't care... buy, download, rob some body...
you must hear Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

“DREAM ON, we make shit for movies. not radio. sorry bout that.”


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