Monday, December 13, 2010


I've realized that I suck at talking.

This here is the only possible way I can express myself.
so here it goes...

I'm sorry for everything I did to you.

I'm sorry for always being there.
Waiting on you hand and foot.
I'm sorry for allowing you to be my world...
For not letting anything else to matter to me.
Sorry for ignoring all those texts and calls if they weren't from you.
I'm sorry that I get under your skin.
And for making you scream my name.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry for falling in love with you. #pause
or at least starting to.... I think
*covers eyes*

I don't know you guys,
I guess I'm kinda happy tho
cuz theres always a silver lining...
You introduced me to a different kind of feeling
a happy one!
I finally met that giddy little high school girl writing hearts on her notebook.
because I ignored her all this time.

Its gonna be really hard to get over you.
but I can do it.
Everybody has to do it at some point life... right?
Thats why Beyonce has so many songs about it.
and I have them all in a playlist.
You must not know bout me.  *points to the left*

But Ill be okay.
maybe somebody will come along that I like.
and they wont think I'm weird.
they'll appreciate my obsession with sex.
they'll think I'm dope...because different
just like you did,

and I'll try really hard to be happy.
with them and without.
and for that I'll have you to thank.
because you've taught me so much.
How to love.

That was your goal in the beginning remember.

I'll never forget you.
and I know you'll never forget me!
because I'm super dee duper.
and every time you walk in those cool kicks.
the 3m reflects the light.
youll remember my smile that you like soooo much =)

I know you hate it when I subtweet.
goodnight *kisses forehead*

blah blah blah enough with the mushy gushy!
dont judge me

I LOVE you all

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