Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We did this today. 
My crazy little artificial tree. 
white and colored lights. =0 
all the cool ornaments we made in school... 
the fancy shit my mom bought. 


The best of everything. 
and even though it looks a mess. 
it felt so good. 
my tasty little tree =) 

Which brings me to the next order of business! 
My Annual Christmas List!  
duh duh duh-duh! 

I think i sorta got everything on my list last year... 
except for that watch. =) 
so I hope this year is no different. 

1. Vosko Triclimate Jacket - The North Face 


I need a coat... and I think this is pretty cool. It looks cozy. =)

2. Womens Classic Short Chocolate - Uggs Australia 

Just like every other girl in the world. I want some more and since I dont have chocolate ones... why not?

3. MacBook Pro 15'' - Apple 

...because Windows < Apple. Sorry Arnold. 

4. Heatseeker Pom Beanie -  Mishka  

I'd be the coolest mofo in this hat! Ill by this for myself Santa. *shivers*

5. Decoded - Jay Z


6.Titanic 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD  =) 

I broke my other one... =)

I don't think thats too much to ask for...
and merely because of the discount....
of course ill prolly get some sneakers. =/
I cant wait til next Friday. everybody will be so happy.
so merry.
and then itll be new years.
My favorite Holiday!
I think... So many new things to come.
just wait.

I Love you All.

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