Friday, December 24, 2010


Its funny how us humans always seem to have to have an excuse.

To thank God...
(whichever "God" that may be)
church on Sundays.

To show your significant other that they're dope.
Valentines Day.

Fathers/Mammas Day.
Veterans Day.

on those days we love these specific people.
all day long.
Why don't Veterans eat free all year long.
Why don't we think to send ma dukes some roses in September.

I'll give my significant other this chocolate everyday!

And here we are Christmas.
another "holiday" made for people to shoutout the people they love!
a season with forced cheer and stupid long lines at the mall.

what makes people so especially happy???

I always ask parents that come in the store
clad with Christmas lists and pictures of impossible shoes.
"Why are you gonna be happy on the 25th..."
because I'm pretty sure they don't have any meaningful gifts under the tree...

and they all typically answer the same way.
"Just seeing the smiles on my kids face is gift enough."
...or somewhere along those corny lines.

and that makes me happy.
The fact that people can set aside there selfishness
for these snotty nose little fuckers is beyond me...
but I think its pretty #dope how it works like that.

Merry Christmas.
To all you parents out there!


all I know is...
I'm excited about tomorrow.
Everybody that I care about I bought shoes.
and even though nobody will like them.
Ill be happy.
because I have people to care about
...and not everybody can say that.

stay happy all year round guys.
...and try not to return all your gifts!
Merry Christmas ho-ho-hoes!

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