Sunday, December 26, 2010

To my dear and lovely followers...

I love my followers.
all of them,
twitter, my blog-llowers
cuz I dont be talking about shit...
and youre still here!

I know we just celebrated Christmas...
we must resurrect this poor bird.

Twitter Dead Bird

Idk if any of you guys noticed...
but i've been gone from twitter for exactly a week now.
and I miss it deeply.

The reason for my absence was because I needed to go to tweet-hab
I was addicted.
Twatching. refreshing. 100 tweets per day.

I had to let my followers get a break.
so now I'm back!
I'll make my first tweet sometime after midnight.
better than ever.

I gotta come back with a bang!
#shoutout to  that Victorias Secret gift card I got today!

how was everybodys Christmas?!?
mine was lovely.

I'll introduce you to Tasha tomorrow.
I gotta finish taking out my hair


I finally got the Titanic 10th Aniversary Special Edition DVD!

I love you all

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