Wednesday, November 3, 2010

effa Tea Party

poor Nancy Pelosi.
I know she must be pissed.
Im sad for her.
I apologize to her.

Im sorry Nancy!
I didnt vote... didn't register to vote.
wasn't planning on voting.

I realized now.
The day after mid-term elections
...kinda how important it is to vote.
because its not you who your representing.
but a group of people who your vote reflects for.

think about it.
I am an average/young/african american/woman/student.

who didnt vote.
didnt care to vote.

Im pretty sure other people classified as young african american women students didnt vote as well.
And thats why Nancy lost her job!

Thats why there are no black people in the senate this term
because we didnt care.
and its a shame.
because I bet you everryyyyy
young african american woman voted in the 08 elections
why dont we care about other stuff.
Why did Nancy lose her job.


I think its because we always look at the big picture.
the flashy stuff.
Thats why nobody my age watches golf.
or nobody my race watches hockey.
...which btw is wayyyy more epic than football.

I just wished they would have taught us the importance of the federal reseverve
instead of which kind of remy hair is the best.
Which coogi sweater will get you the most bitches.
or what time you gotta leave the house in order to get in free at the club.

that shit doesnt matter!
I wanna retire one day. I want my child to have a job, to not have to live in a polluted area.
to not have to live on the street
selling there bodies for a mcdouble
That'll probably be like $5
or $5.75 for that extra peice of cheese.

I'm gonna do better.
Im gonna participate in this effed up government.
Im gonna stop assuming it should be perfect.
and realize that without my help.
without my vote... Uncle Sam will never be Mr.Right

Ill vote next time.
(you should too)
Sorry Nancy.

I love you all

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