Sunday, November 7, 2010


Im not quite sure where to begin.

Im excited to say the least.
this is a G.O.O.D place to start i suppose

so, is it safe to say jay-z is the coolest guy of all the land.
he became one the tightest rappers.
brought us some of the dopest people.
little willow smith.
crazy creepy sexy rihanna.
he brought us kanye. (so to speak)
and he brought us jermaine.
who thanks to kanye,
I think people will "wake up."

according to this grand closing line
--"... Ironic, you been sleepin' on the one that you been dreamin' bout."

not anymore J-cole.
I think this was perfect.
I am now excited that he didnt release his album.
because now!
thanks to this past  G.O.O.D friday saturday....
people might actually give a shit about the dopeness that this guy spits.

SO! now when his mixtape drops on the 12th.
(two days after my birthday...btw)
people are gonna listen to it.
new fans. hell get new fans!
old fans will stick with him.
new fans with hop on and everybody shall recognize his greatness.
so that when his album drops.
it wont flop.


for those of you guys who arent cool.
and haven't heard this greatness. that shit.
Looking for Trouble. 

I'm so proud.
I dont even know what to do with myself.

*hears bells.*

I love you all

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