Friday, November 12, 2010

G.R.E.A.T Friday

Thanks for all my cool birthday niceness! 
and even though I didnt do shit. 
it was the best birthday yet. =) 
Im finally 19 bitchheeesssss! 

One more year until Im a grown up! 
I'm so excited. 

I'm even more excited for my ears. 
I feel like a horrible fan but i needed to hear MBDTF
aka. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. 
and it was beautiful indeed. 
I have a favorite song. 
and I get shivers when I hear it. 

and and! 
I cannot forget #fridaynightlights 
...*patiently waiting*
Jermaine needs to hurry that ass up. 
This has been the best birthday week ever. 

Ill be off to the spa tomorrow 
crazy wasted all weekend. 
and a pizza party to top it all off. 
all the while bumping to the sounds of geniouses in my ears. 

ah yes.... 
I must give that new cudder a listen as well. 
I hope it doesnt make me cry like the 1st one did. 

I Love You ALL! 

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