Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Slave Girl.

Im currently being held against my will.
... a prisoner of gays clad with heels.
shabams. and head rolls.
*snaps in a circle 3x's*

yea girl.
Its been a long time coming.
and ive been getting brain farts sporadicly during the day of things i want to share with my followers.
but... shit happens  =)

If you aint know boo.
I go to the greatest university on Earth! =/
and. this week just so happens to be our homecoming!
the Greatest Homecoming on Earth to be exact
#Ghoe. niggas


this week shall be epic at NC a&t
My captive with the people clad with heels shall finally come to a theatrical end.
get crazy wasted
Ill finally get to meet my hubby Jermaine Cole.
Ill get to party with gangstas and hoes. old folks and babies.
and get crazzzyyy wasted.
^^^^photos shall be there. ^^^^

I still dont know I feel about the Dueces remix...

I love you all  #Ghoe

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