Saturday, September 18, 2010

A is for awesome. =/ this is the final post on my obsession with male and female differentiable stuff.
probably not.

"so anyway doe" *kat stacks voice*
I went to a matenee today with my sneakerhead girlfriend
aka. the brightest member of the #wolfpack
Juliet. =)
and we saw the movie God made just for me...
Easy A.

Not only was this epically hilarious...witty...funny as shit
It had an amazing message.
one that I have been trying to spit out for my whole life.

Basically the message was.
...without sounding like a corny bitter homewrecking whore.

Have sex... if you want.
if you dont wanna have sex... dont do it.

Dont think of sex as a whores obligation.
its more like a hobby.

 Who feels guilty about playing tennis??

Its funny how the story goes.

guys and girls have sex together.
the girl always gets blamed.
the guy gets praised.
and boys wonder why girls dont like to "sha-boing boing" would be so easy if the world could understand it.

just like racism...
its never gonna change.

just everybody.
live life for you
not lil day day and nem.

everybody just... go watch the movie.
Its very clever and way better than my words can explain.
and boys.
stand outside of your girls window with a boom box
...and a lawn mover.
Youll definitely get the panties.


This is definalty not an easy lesson.

I Love You All

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