Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dogs are people too.

#ghoe has come and gone.
millions of people have come and gone.
"cum" and  gone.

I wonder how many people got the clap this weekend.
... broke up with their girlfriend??
...went bankrupt?? shot?? etc etc

I had fun...
My whole weekend was made last night at around 9:15
sober and fully clothed.
surrounded by wayyy too many of those colored folk.

I was introduced to my soul mate.
Jermaine Lamar Cole.
I had the time of my life.
It was the only time I think I enjoyed standing up during the whole concert....

So. play-by-play.

1st song- Welcome.
surprised yet delighted he performed this...
Its always been a favorite of mine.
and I think he introduced a new style of his many styles to his new fans... to come.

2nd. Young Simba
Once again.
letting people know hes not some corny lights skinned boy screaming "who dat" all day

3rd. All I want is you

4th. Lights Please.
You know all the nasty girls stood up for this. =)
I think this song got the most initial applause.

5th. Who Dat.

6th. Petey Pablo's Reunion show
yesss. this swole mutha fucker came on stage.
out of breath... but got the crowd tooooo hype.
throwing aroung tall tees, and a sweaty ass fitted.
NC "stood up" I suppose??

lastly..... A Star is Born
He come out acappella.
spit his newest verse to my man #hovs beat.
and then he came out with his snippet in the song...
then I gazed off.
stopped singing a long.

I was just wondering.
This man was in the stands 2 years ago.
#ghoe - ing it up
hopefully avoiding the clap... and bullets.
doing niggardly things like the rest of us.
and now...
he made it. Whether or not you appreciate his greatness.
Hes getting paid more than you. =)

" me over rated or creative or too jaded
because any way you put it bitch I made it"

-- *drizzy voice*

Stars aren't created.
They are born... just like the rest of us.
Do you ever just think about.
What if that was you?
 thousands of people dressing up screaming your name... throwing you panties.
spotlight on you.

How did they get so lucky.
or how did they get so blessed...
with that drive and passion we all fiend for.

thats all it is that separates the stars from the earthlings.
...the need to break the barrier of the atmosphere
to reach the moon.
and hopefully they'll land in staryland
I'm aiming somewhere cool.

If I miss...
hopefully ill land somewhere in the stars

Mars here I come.

I Love You All

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