Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Glass Menagerie

i miss ms soraci... my 12th grade english teacher.
more than words can explain...
i get boners just thinking about her.

im a sucker for a few things man...
 give me a cutie with smooth skin
... and some kick ass skills
and im in love... ha.

I fell in love today.
i saw a side of him that i never saw before.
hes muscular.
alll the gay stuff.
check out that bulge.

this guys gonna be the bait in about 5 years man...
they grow so fast. and well...

go see The Karate Kid man.
its the best movie i saw this year...
that and Get him to the Greek.

so on to bigger shit.
im an employee guys!
... i know i shoulda told you sooner.
but. i work at Finishline in St.Charles
come visit me and buy shoe cleaner and strings. man
i love shit there... so far
the people are nice... mexicans are friendly.
and my discount is ti-zighttt lol

not too much is going on with me tho.
im on a quest to find new glasses.
 and to run lots of miles.
and to keep my promise to juliet  =/
pray for me.

life sucks for me kinda lately.
but ill be fine.
if you know me and you like me.
,,,send me a text you know.
lol just say hey.
while your at your grueling high paying summer jobs.

but this is all i got today.
Mrs. Doubtfire kinda got my attention.

I Love You All

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