Monday, June 14, 2010

The Eiffel "Tower of Doom"

i do a lot of shit
...when i sit at home and not do shit.
If youve uploaded pictures on facebook... 
ive seen them.
If you blogged... 
ive read it. 
You break it you buy it...
blah blah 

Today, during my normal internet surf...
I found a trend in the content i was stumbling upon. 
LOL. aka.
 "Lots of love" -- like old people say it. 
albums, movies, blogs. etc. 
all about love and couples and anniversaries and shit. 
turn ons, and foreplay, puppies?  yadi yadi

and I wonder....
what is it about this "thing" ?
that makes people "oopit stupid" or head over heels.
and all that. 
how do they know when they've fallen. 
why did they bother to call it falling?

My bestfriend in the whole wide world
whom btw has fallen in love... 
is celebrating his 2 year anniversary soon.
the same girl 2 years?  and a smile he still wears. 

The #wolfpack. 
have both fallen into the pit of love as well 
Dre for a year and some change....
and Ju for almost a year...
and both of which somehow someway,
even long distance hasn't faltered their seemingly fucking "marriages" 

and i can go on for days about these great ass couples. 
who seem to complete one another. 
who seem more happy than. the non-couple person. 

people like me..
thats who i am...the single friend.
ive never really been on the other side so i cant much complain. 
but i wonder.... u know?
how that grass would feel on my feet. 
if it really is that green. 

but for now.... 
i guess im fine over here. 
in the non couple person grass. 
"living single" kinda happy. 
kinda bored tho when all my friends have to tend to there grass. 
but. #ithappens. 
and it shall one day for me. 
when im ready. when this grass turns brown or when some really hot gardener comes 
and we make our own great ass grass =/

i hope i really mean it when i ever say it tho. 
but until then... 
i really enjoy dancing to Beyonce in the club. 

enough of the gay stuff.  *sigh*

I "Love" You All

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