Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i love miley cirus/ hannah montana
...and i love  the hannah montana movie
and i love her little song.
the climb.mp3
not only is it a catchy ass tune...
its so inspirational #nohomo

but today when i was sittin around bullshitin'
i stumbled across a couple of websites
...that i wish i woulda found last semester while i was in angst and all alone
but i read some articles about three very influential people.
all of which contribute to my everyday life... sorta

the first person you might not kno...
unless your like a serious cool person lol
but the name's Brian Donnelly bta KAWS.
a cool ass artist straight outta jersey... with a few dollars and a spray can
long story short.
he used to steal bus ads and make them cool. and now hes doin big shit.
clothing lines, toys, art...
and btw has adorned the screen of my lovely phone since its birth
... u know since im not ballin to actually buy shit =]
*snaps* for KAWS

next up.
you probably know this chick...
Ke$ha. aka. Gods gift to pop music.

not only is she effin hot... her songs are wayy to cool for school.
my type of lady.
she started off hosting paris and nicole on their Simple Life show. with her poor ass family
now. this hoe got dollas in her name... fuck with her.
her album Animal is the shit.
and i "wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy" because of her.

and last and probably most recognizable
yea.. im not even gonna say his stupid name.
but i cant help but love this guy...
not only is he totally awkward standing next to any "swagged out" rapper
..but he delivers(to me) like no other.
and despite his "overnight celebri-dom"
his undeniable talent has always been around

...im not gonna tell you how tight this man is. cuz you should already know.
but im just sayin he worked damn hard to get where hes at.
twisting the game for more than the "juice" aka. money cars hoes.
this lil canadian/ memphis-ian niggas gotss alot more to rap about.
this nigga got pulp and shit.

...and i say all this.
to quote from this corny ass inspirational ass movie
"life's a climb, but the view is great"
and it is.... 
one big as mountian. 
and in order to get to the top of that bitch...
if we ever wanna get there we gotsta work hard 
...sweat and shit. 
or you can stay where u at, at the bottom of your life mountain 
... and wonder about all the great shit your missing out on. 
*kanye shrug*

[end sentimental moment]

...two balls are always better than 1 

I Love You All 
-- Addy

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